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Apply to the OpenWater Scholarship!

Apply now to the OpenWater Scholarship

$1,500 OpenWater Scholarship

Are you an ambitious student with an interest in entrepreneurship, marketing, or computer science? Or do you know someone like this? Learn more about the OpenWater Scholarship. Applications are now open to students in the United States and Canada.

New Resources

We continue to invest in our Growth Stack platform. We’ve added functionality specifically for these additional use cases.

Platform Use Cases

We’re developing more how-to guides and other free learning materials, too.

How-to Guides and Toolkits

Welcome Reid Noch, 2018 Summer Intern

Next, we’re pleased to announce that Reid Noch has joined our team as a paid summer intern.

Reid is part of Georgetown’s class of 2020. He’s studying Operational Information and minoring in Entrepreneurship.

Reid is part of Georgetown Lightweight Rowing team. He’s the Potomac Boat Club High Performance Summer rower, and took first place in his first marathon! (Antarctica Marathon 2016.)

We accept internship applications year-round, and will welcome another intern soon.

In Development

We continue working on a variety of improvements. Some updates:

UX Design – We’re working on new wireframes to speed all workflows. We’ll share new designs in coming weeks. As previously noted, these upgrades will be backward compatible. This will minimize client disruption and maximize client happiness.

OpenWater Conference – We are gathering experts and planning sessions. If you have an idea to share, please pass it along to your OpenWater contact. (You can also find us on social media.)

OpenWater Certification – We are crafting an intimate and intensive in-person learning event for later this year. Talk to Rebecca if you have questions or suggestions.

See you next time!


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Katie is OpenWater's Content Director. Her interests include entrepreneurship, permaculture, and blockchain. She enjoys spicy food and salty words.

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