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This is the best training we have ever put together. The coaching ensures we continue to make
it better with your hands on questions every week. Like learning a language we have brought
the concepts of OpenWater in bite sized pieces

This is our 4th iteration of training, built from scratch, giving away everything we have
documented over the years!

Popular Courses
Time Details
Intro to OpenWater OpenWater in 10 minutes. Share with your colleagues who may be new to the platform. Preview Video Go to Course
OpenWater Essentials with optional Certification Exam 12 modules, each less than 1 hour. Learn how to do just about everything in
OpenWater in about 2 days.
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OpenWater for Advanced IT Professionals OpenWater is great without IT skills, these lessons demonstrate the breadth of what
can be achieved with advanced skills
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to Course
OpenWater for Abstracts Abstracts, Sessions, Call for Papers, Call for Sessions – every conference calls
them something different. In this course we take you through a call; to review; and
finally to scheduling.
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Collaborative Session Builder Large scale conferences often have multiple presentations or abstracts assembled
into sessions. Those sessions then get scheduled into a conference planner. This
training walks you through our session builder feature to manage conferences with
1000s of abstracts.
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to Course
OpenWater Scheduler Our scheduler handles conflict detection, multiple days, rooms, and timeslots. See
it in action in this 5 minute video.
Preview Video (See Session Builder Course)
OpenWater with Mobile Events App OpenWater has a deep integration with Guidebook.com. This intro course shows you how
the work can be done in OpenWater and then sync’d to a branded mobile app in the iOS
/ Android app stores.
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OpenWater with Zoom OpenWater created the first ever guide for running a virtual conference back in
March of 2020. We have continued to stay with the technology trends. This course
covers all of the ways Zoom and OpenWater work together.
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Digital Transformation Starts Small This video is great for professionals at trade associations and professional
societies to understand how this overused buzz phrase applies to our industry.
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to Course
Webhooks for Associations
Explanation of what web hooks are, how associations use them, and how they can be
used with OpenWater.
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All Courses We add courses roughly once per month to cover advanced use cases and interesting
ways our customers are using the platform
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