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Our all-in-one scholarship software manages the entire multi-step, multi-review process smoothly, moving applicants to scholarship recipients.

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ASHA uses the OpenWater platform for awards programs, grant and scholarship applications, mentoring enrollment, course registration, volunteer applications and leadership programs. The flexibility of the OpenWater platform functionality is crucial to efficiently and successfully manage these various types of programs, each with unique requirements.

Jill Straniero

ASHA - Senior Operations Manager

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Straightforward Application

Encourage applicants to submit complete applications and reference letters with advanced forms. Build a branded website and send applicants email confirmations.

Hassle-Free Review

Allow applicants to save their submissions and return later to finish, organize judges and applicants by rounds, keep applicant files organized online for easy access and administrative reporting.

Reduce Administrative Load

Simplify the workload with OpenWater’s scholarship management software. All parties, from applicants to reviewers, will benefit. Save time and money while increasing your program’s effectiveness.

With Traditional Scholarship Management

  • Multiple Systems are Inevitable

    Most online scholarship management solutions begin and end with application collection. Tracking, judging and logistics must be handled by hand, via email or on spreadsheets.

  • Look and Feel is Random

    Many scholarship solutions force applicants to a seemingly unconnected site to upload their materials. This confuses users, and lowers the number of submissions.

  • Information is Scattershot

    Who’s started an application? Who’s completed one? Which judges are finished? Which haven’t started? Without real-time reporting and analytics, it’s almost impossible to tell. And if you’re not informed, you can’t make informed decisions.

With OpenWater Application & Review Cloud

  • One System is All You Need

    With OpenWater Scholarships, all tasks – by application, judges, chairs and administrators – are handled in one unified, fully integrated solution.

  • Branding is Consistent

    When you use OpenWater Scholarships, our team creates a custom-branded upload portal that matches your existing website and visual identity. Users will know they’re in a place they can trust.

  • You’re Always in the Know

    OpenWater Scholarships’ advanced analytics capabilities eliminate confusion and simplifies internal and external communication. Key reminders are sent automatically, and it’s easy to tell the status of any action item.

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  • What is scholarship management system?

    A scholarship management system is a software tool used by organizations to manage the process of applying, reviewing, and awarding scholarships to applicants. Program managers use scholarship management systems to make the process of applying and reviewing scholarships more efficient.

  • How do you keep track of scholarships?

    Organizations use scholarship management software to keep track of scholarships. Through the scholarship management software, you can track an applicant’s progress, manage deadlines, review materials, and award scholarships to those who qualify.

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