OpenWater Security

We Keep Your Information Private

OpenWater takes your privacy seriously. We do not view, use, distribute, disclose or sell the information stored or collected by your hosted account, whether it involves proprietary data, user information or applicant information. The only time that we might view your account information is in the course of troubleshooting performance, security or other problems. We will never view this information without asking your permission first.

We Keep Your Data Safe

At OpenWater, all accounts are password-protected, and all passwords stored on our servers are encrypted. Additionally, we prevent brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts that a user can make on your account.

We Protect Your Account From Cyber Attacks

OpenWater employs state-of-the-art firewalls to keep threats from penetrating our networks. We also scan servers for malware that might allow attackers to steal data, and we update and patch machines regularly to minimize vulnerabilities. Additionally, we keep our facilities under surveillance 24/7, and we use biometric access controls within all sections of our buildings. Our intrusion detection and prevention systems stop cyber attacks in their tracks.

We Provide a Controlled Environment for Your Data

OpenWater understands that downtime means lost revenue, so we keep our servers running, no matter what. Our climate-controlled buildings provide an optimal environment for all equipment, and all OpenWater facilities are outfitted with the best in fire-suppression technology.

We Strive for 100% Uptime

We utilize redundant power supplies and generators to keep the power on in our facilities at all times. Although outages are possible, they’re rare; our historical uptime rate is above 99.5% percent. We regularly ask third parties to report on our uptime, and you can review these reports by clicking here.

We Perform Nightly Offsite Backup for Your Account

Every night, OpenWater backs up your account in an offsite facility, ensuring that your information is preserved in the event of a disaster. Information is preserved on a rolling 30-day basis so that you can quickly recover from any kind of outage.

We Know How to Handle Heavy Web Traffic

OpenWater uses multiple providers including Amazon, Rackspace and Microsoft to scale for heavy Web traffic. In addition, we monitor all servers in real-time to optimize resources in the data center. Even if your organization experiences a sudden spike in volume, your applicants will still experience great network and website performance.

OpenWater provides an unbeatable combination of safety, security and performance for your organization. Contact us to get started today.