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Fellowship management software that makes an impact

Create a memorable fellowship website, proudly promote your fellows and alumni, and control the entire fellowship process, all in one system.

We made the choice to go with OpenWater for our Fellowship designation because of the flexibility and simplicity that the platform has to offer. We’re proud of the Fellowship nomination experience that we’ve been able to build for our members on the OpenWater platform.

Courtney KaminskiCFPC Membership

OpenWater manages some of the most prestigious fellowships in the world

How does OpenWater Fellowships help?

OpenWater’s Fellowships Management Software is designed to be a true all-in-one software platform designed to simplify your entire fellowships program. From collection of applications, to review, to promoting fellows; OpenWater Fellowships does it all.

Easy For Applicants

An application process designed for your fellows. We take the all-too-common hassles out of the application process and give both applicants and references an experience that won’t give them a headache.

Key Features
  • Online Forms

  • Branded Website

  • Letter of Reference Compatible

  • Email Confirmations

Headache-Free Review

Reviewing applications can turn into a complicated tangle of emails, dropbox files, and disorganized heap of letters of reference. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

OpenWater’s review platform is integrated with the entire fellowship process, from the administrative side as well as applications. All your reviewers have to do is log in and get started.

Key Features
  • Online Reviewer Portal

  • Save & Return Later

  • Customizable Reviewer

  • Scores & Comments

  • Multiple Rounds of Review

Centralized Admin Control

OpenWater’s Fellowship Management Software gives admins the tools and resources to make their program a success. From complete oversight of the fellowship process, to communicating with reviewers and applicants, to analyzing your fellowship program’s success, we’ve got you covered.

Key Features
  • Communication Tools

  • Robust Report Builder

  • Multi-Program Support

  • Multi-Program Support

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