Harness the full power of OpenWater and iMIS

Introducing OpenWater’s Integration Hub for iMIS

OpenWater Overview

OpenWater is a battle tested platform used by hundreds of organizations including ASAE to
streamline and simplify your sub mission and review process for awards, abstracts, grants,
scholarships, and more.

iMIS & OpenWater Overview

With OpenWater integrating with iMIS, no data slips through the cracks. Start by quickly
connecting your iMIS instance with OpenWater. We can help. From there, leverage OpenWater to
create your awards/grants/abstracts and automatically sync with iMIS. All with no coding skills
required. Report on the success of your application/review program directly from iMIS. No more
siloed data!

Integration features



Your members login using the credentials they already have with your organization. After
being validated, they will be sent over to OpenWater with their information

Person Lookups and Other Queries

We can harness the power of IQA right inside an Open Water application. One of the most
common uses of lookups are to ensure authors associated with a conference abstract are
correctly identified.

Data Push Back

Our integration creates panels in iMIS for each workflow you have in OpenWater and maps
the data to each iMIS user who submitted (Party Id). All of the data captured in
OpenWater can be queried in IQA. You can build custom website widgets and display the

PayCentral Integration

Our integration automatically creates products for workflows that have fees in OpenWater. The data is pushed back to Pay Central and is tied to the logged in user.

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenWater works with versions of iMIS going back as far as iMIS 15. The best experience is on iMIS EMS Enterprise.

With iMIS EMS Enterprise, single sign on, lookups, and pushbacks are all configurable with a point and click interface. Integration can be done in under 1 hour and can be modified as your needs change without the need for a developer or consulting time.

The integration process for OpenWater and iMIS includes single sign on, lookups, and pushbacks. With older versions of iMIS in most cases we fully support single sign on and lookups without the need for a developer, using our same point and click interface.

Pushback support requires an AiSP to use our APIs to get the data into iMIS 2017 or other self-hosted versions.

No. Our point and click interface fully supports single sign on and lookups, this will not require change or re-work once you upgrade.

With regards to pushback integration, all historical information collected by OpenWater can be pushed back to iMIS whenever you upgrade to EMS.

If your AiSP built a pushback, using our APIs and custom code, in most cases, that pushback will continue to be supported without any need for change, when you upgrade. The point and click integration is a value-add, and we still fully support our API / custom code approach.

All of the form fields captured by OpenWater are available in iMIS Panels and tied to the party ID (the iMIS user) who submitted the information. Using your visual field mapper you can choose to transmit a subset of fields, or all fields to iMIS.

Payments are collected directly via OpenWater using a PCI compliant gateway of your choice. OpenWater does not take any merchant fees. Once a payment is collected through OpenWater’s built-in checkout, the information is passed to the iMIS General Ledger.
– OpenWater auto-creates a product (item) for each workflow in OpenWater
– OpenWater payments are shown in the iMIS GL as a separate batch
– You have control within RiSE to add GL codes to the OpenWater Collected payments (by configuring the auto-created payment method)
– You have control within RiSE to add GL codes to each workflow (by configuring the auto-created product)

Full details in our help center.

Not at this time, however we do plan to eventually support it (Q1 2024). In the interim, you are welcome to use one of many payment gateways OpenWater does not take a transaction fee. If you are on iMIS EMS Enterprise and have turned on this integration, the data will still flow back to iMIS and be visible in Pay Central.

Full details in our help center.

No, OpenWater is a pure-cloud solution.

Absolutely. OpenWater has been designed from day 1 to be flexible without the need for a developer. We offer a certification program at no charge. You have the choice to use your own team, OpenWater staff, or your AiSP to have implementation done.

Yes, all OpenWater customers can gain access to a complimentary sandbox for practice usage. Work done in the sandbox can be imported into the live system.

No, however links to files can make their way into iMIS Panels. OpenWater can collect files up to 20 GB in size. This is far greater than the capacity offered by iMIS’s built in functionality.

As such instead of copying files over into your iMIS database, files remain hosted with OpenWater, and a secured hyperlink can be transferred over as part of the pushback integration.

The secured hyperlink ensures the user is logged in with the appropriate permissions before providing access to the media file.