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  • Collect abstracts or proposals
  • Assign and review submissions
  • Organize and publish your sessions
  • Manage your speakers all in one easy to use platform

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

OpenWater has allowed us to take a very manual abstract process and turn it into a much more digital format which has eliminated hours of staff time. The best part is the exceptional customer service we receive from the OpenWater team.

Heidi Borter

American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA)

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Collect Abstracts & Papers

Whether it’s a call for abstracts, speakers, papers, or posters, our robust abstract management solution is flexible and can handle large file sizes.

Duplicate Your Programs

Do you run multiple programs or the same program year over year? No need to start from scratch. Quickly duplicate a past program, make edits, and launch it in minutes.

Build Your Review Process

Configure your abstract process with the detail you need. Lean on our expertise and copy abstract management systems from hundreds of other associations.

Report & Export

Generate reports and export abstract submissions from the application pipeline for clear and concise reporting to executives.

Create Sessions

Browse through completed papers and group them into sessions. Once papers are assigned, they can be arranged in the order you would like them presented.

Online Schedule Builder

Drag and drop the sessions into an intuitive and powerful calendar. Browse and search sessions to stay up to date on conference planning progress.

AMS Integrations

Integrate with the leading AMS systems including Fonteva, Personify and iMIS. Connect via a SQL database or Salesforce for information lookups, single sign on, and bidirectional synchronizations.

Abstract Submission Website

Create a public facing abstract submission website that matches the look and feel of your website.

Traditional Conference Management

  • Information is Scatter-Shot

    Your staff collects conference information across multiple tools. Too much time is spent exporting and importing excel sheets, formatting data, and keeping tabs on last minute updates.

  • Virtual Attendees are Left Out
    Your staff values first time attendees and wants to continue to make the conference accessible, but bringing in-person and virtual experiences together on budget is prohibitive with your current vendor’s capabilities.

  • Do-It-Yourself or Else
    To save money, your staff built a virtual conference on a do-it-yourself platform. You saved money, but the conference branding was clunky, and support tickets were your only option for support.

OpenWater Event Cloud

  • Have Everything in One Place

    Openwater is your conference content collection engine. Collect abstracts, speaker materials, exhibitors, posters and more within OpenWater, then send the information where it needs to go.

  • A Solution for Virtual and In-Person

    OpenWater mobile app is your solution to bridge the networking gap between virtual and in-person attendees. Sync attendee networking and session data between the conference website and mobile app.

  • Scalable Support

    With OpenWater, your team can offload the burden of building an entire conference website and mobile app through our support team and still have the power to make last minute updates.

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  • Can I use OpenWater software for speaker management?

    Our system is configured to work as a speaker management system that allows speakers to upload all their materials. You can also use OpenWater to email speakers, and send reminders to speakers that have not submitted materials.

  • What is abstract management?

    The word "abstract" used in the context of conferences, annual meetings, and events is a brief summary often submitted by an author to review their work. Abstract management at its basics is the process of vetting and organizing speakers and their submissions to supply content for a conference or annual meeting. Often abstract management entails: promotion of the event to attract speakers, collection and selection of speakers and their content, and organizing/publishing selected speaker content into a conference agenda or schedule.

  • What software tools are needed for an abstract management system?

    Conference managers tasked with sourcing content for a conference or annual meeting will need to implement an abstract review system that allows them to collect abstracts submissions and have a way of organizing those submissions for a committee to review them. OpenWater's online abstract submission software can collect abstracts through a custom form builder, coordinate the review process , allow conference managers to send reminder emails, build status reports and more. We also allow you to copy your abstract management process within our software and duplicate the template for other conferences and meetings so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

  • What support or training will I need to use an abstract collection software?

    OpenWater has on-demand training, certification programs and customer support available to help you learn online abstract management tools and migrate your current abstract management process into OpenWater. Our goal is to make you a power user of the tool but we're here for you in case you get stuck, or if you want to dig deeper and learn how others use our software in interesting ways to improve their workflows.

  • What is abstract management system?

    An abstract management system is a software tool used by organizations to manage the process of submitting, reviewing, and publishing research and presentations at a conference or educational event. Program managers use abstract management systems to make the process of reviewing presentations, posters, or research papers more efficient.

  • Whats does abstract mean?

    An abstract is a summary of research findings for either a presentation, poster, or research paper. Abstracts help readers understand the value of academic materials.

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