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Abstract Management Software

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Abstract Management Software

The easiest way to collect abstracts from your authors and kick off a seamless, powerful review process.

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The latest way to submit and present your work.

Still having your applicants send in multiple emails with multiple attachments? Consider going digital - it’ll save your organization time, sweat, and money.

Collect Abstracts & Papers

A trustworthy Abstract Management Software makes a world’s difference.

Whether it’s a call for abstracts, speakers, papers, posters, etc., OpenWater’s own abstract management software makes it easy for applicants and authors to enter whatever information they need to submit their works online for review.

Customizable Review Process

The Review process is just as simple and intuitive.

With OpenWater’s administrative portal, reviewers can go online and access submissions at any time, anywhere, and on any mobile device.

Create Sessions

What beats a second set of eyes? Ten more of them.

With OpenWater you can browse through completed papers and group them into sessions. Once papers are assigned, they can be put in the order in which you would like to have them presented. Simple and easy!

Online Schedule Builder

Help your submitters stay in the know.

OpenWater lets you browse through the completed sessions and drag and drop them into an intuitive yet powerful calendar. With customizable and automated room and session IDs you don’t have to worry about making last minute changes to your schedule!

Mobile Ready

On the go.

Give users the ability to view proceedings, speakers, sessions and conference information on the go. OpenWater comes out of the box with a sharp looking mobile website that will make your conference stand out. Need a mobile-app that people can download ahead of time? Our iphone and android app makes it easy for people to download your entire agenda ahead of time in case they don’t have access to wifi during the conference.


Stay connected.

Our integrations team has worked with the gold standards of association management systems including Abila Netforum, Personify and iMIS. Whether you have a custom SQL database or a more mainstream system like Salesforce you can count on us to ensure information lookups, single sign on, and bidirectional synchronizations between OpenWater and your system occur seamlessly.

Getting published is easy with OpenWater's Abstracts Management Software



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