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Create the impact you want with streamlined grants applications, a user friendly reviewer portal, and powerful features for program administrators.

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It's easy to use, is developed for grant professionals and their needs, our applicants have detailed yet simple applications they can finish in a single sitting. The print out for the reviewers is also really nice and our reviewers can easily add their scores and comments. So simplistically manageable.

Konnie Dulu

American College of Chest Physicians - Senior Grants Specialist

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Funds Tracking

Track funds by having a clear view of your grantees and how much funding they have received. It will be easy to see how much money has been distributed and who has received it all directly within the platform.

Easy Application Submission

Streamlined submission process, ability to attach documents and media, apply on behalf of an individual or an organization, conditional logic, and the GuideStar integration.

Headache-Free Review Process

Reviewers have an easy way to access applications and submit their feedback. OpenWater easily handles multi-stage review processes, and allows administrators to customize every aspect of the review process with ease.

Central Admin Control

Have a full overview of the grants process. Communicate with reviewers and applicants quickly. Analyze and track your program’s success.


OpenWater talks to the systems you rely on

Support Team

OpenWater provides trained and supported administrators with the help they need to make their program a success

Report & Export

Comprehensive dashboards to give admins the oversight they need. Create unlimited custom reports to analyze your impact, available to export as Excel, CSV, PDF and more

With Traditional Grant Management

  • Multiple systems are inevitable

    Most online grant management solutions begin and end with application collection. Tracking, reviewers and logistics must be handled by hand, via email or on spreadsheets.

  • Look and feel is random

    Many grant solutions force applicants to a seemingly unconnected site to upload their materials. This confuses users, and lowers the number of submissions.

  • Information is scattershot

    Who’s started an application? Who’s completed one? Which reviewers are finished? Which haven’t started? Without real-time reporting and analytics, it’s almost impossible to tell. And if you’re not informed, you can’t make informed decisions.

With OpenWater Application & Review Cloud

  • One system is all you need.

    With OpenWater Grants, all tasks – by application, reviewers, chairs and administrators – are handled in one unified, fully integrated solution.

  • Branding is Consistent

    When you use OpenWater Grants, our team creates a custom-branded upload portal that matches your existing website and visual identity. Users will know they’re in a place they can trust.

  • You’re always in the know

    OpenWater Grants’ advanced analytics capabilities eliminate confusion and simplify internal and external communication. Key reminders are sent automatically, and it’s easy to tell the status of any action item

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  • What is the best grant management software?

    According to sites like G2, Capterra and FeaturedCustomers, one of the best grant management software is OpenWater. OpenWater enables you to create the impact you want with streamlined grants applications, a user friendly reviewer portal, and powerful features for grant managers.

  • How do nonprofits manage grants?

    Nonprofits manage grants with grant administration software, which enables administrators to oversee the entire grant program from submission and review to awarding grantees.

  • How much does Grants Management software cost?

    The cost of grants management software typically starts at $7,000, but varies depending on factors like how many grant programs your organization has and how much administrator hours it takes to run your grants program.

  • What is grant management process?

    The grant management process involves everything from promoting the funding opportunity to prospective recipients, verifying and reviewing submitted materials, and awarding the grant to chosen recipients.

  • What is grant life cycle?

    The grant life cycle starts with funding the grant opportunity and promoting it to prospective recipients. Then, grant administrators receive, verify and review submissions. Once submissions are reviewed, the materials are typically judged by a panel. Based on whether prospective recipients are a fit based on their submissions, they are awarded the grant.

  • How are grants reviewed?

    Grants are reviewed through grant management software like OpenWater’s. Typically, grant administrators review the submitted materials and pass them onto either a panel or judges to see who receives the grant.

  • How do you organize grants?

    Grants are organized by grant program administrators with the help of grant management software. Your grant programs are all organized and managed in the online grant platform.

  • How are grants accounted for?

    Funding for grants is tracked in a grant management software. The software helps grant administrators understand where funding is coming from and where it’s going.

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