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We’re in the greatest city in the world.

Located 2 blocks from the White House in downtown DC

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Why Work At OpenWater

It starts with the team: smart and creative people who challenge each other and solve exciting problems. We’re still a small company, so each person has a big impact on OpenWater’s success, and get to pave their own path in the company’s future. We want to hire creative, intelligent people who share our enthusiasm for building a great place to work and changing our industry.

A Tech Driven Creative Space

The office environment at OpenWater gives the best of both worlds: private offices when you need them and open collaborative space when you need to brainstorm with coworkers. We offer free Nespresso, weekly fruit delivery, and monthly happy hours.

A World Class Team

The team at OpenWater includes veterans of KPMG, Vocus, Department of Defense and CEB and who have come here from all over the country to form a super strong team. The company is proudly self funded with no outside investors.

Sales, Marketing, Support, System Engineering. Everyone has a role at OpenWater and we’re good at what we do. You come on board with OpenWater and you’re working with A+ players only. We’re here to push each other every day and expect that you’ll do the same.

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