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Announcing: The OpenWater Scholarship and Grant

Announcing: The OpenWater Scholarship and Grant

As we roll into May (on our bikes) we are happy to announce that April 2018 was another record-setting month!

To celebrate this milestone OpenWater is announcing two new initiatives: the OpenWater Scholarship and the OpenWater Grant. We will officially open both for applications in coming weeks.

OpenWater Scholarship

We are awarding the first ever OpenWater Scholarship! (Yes, we’ll be using our scholarship management software to manage the process.)

What it is:

The OpenWater Scholarship recognizes a student leader. Students must have demonstrated leadership in entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, and/or participatory citizenship.

Our founders built OpenWater on these values. The OpenWater Scholarship seeks to support similarly ambitious students.

Who may apply:

Students and prospective students, ages 18 and up, in the United States or Canada.

OpenWater Grant

We are also giving away our first ever OpenWater Grant, in honor of our grant management software.

What it is:

The OpenWater Grant recognizes a person with an established (or proposed) project. The grant funds will support a project that demonstrates entrepreneurial leadership, environmental stewardship, and/or participatory citizenship.

The OpenWater Grant is merit-based. Preference is given to applicants with projects currently underway.

Who may apply:

Anyone age 18 and up.

New Hires

We are pleased to announce that William Acker joins our West Coast team in customer support. William says he likes “all things pop-culture,” podcasts, and video games. Welcome, William! We also have an offer out to a new UX Designer, too. Also a welcome to our summer interns.

We accept applications for our paid internships year-round. Job openings are posted on our Careers page.

Platform Upgrade

We continue to refine all components of the OpenWater Growth Stack platform. We have just released an upgrade. All clients have these additional features:

Improvements to Call for Papers / Conference Workflows
Improved Drag-and-Drop Session Scheduler
Session Building Module

GDPR Consent Compliance
Ability to request cookie consent
Ability to deny future consent for transactional emails

Improvements to Single Sign On
Ability to sign on with credentials beyond email (This is helpful if people change emails in your organization)

Improvements to Price Rules
Ability to add multiple price rules by a value (This is useful for a shopping cart / donation workflow)

Our continued investment in the platform, and scheduled product release, is public. You can review it here.


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Katie is OpenWater's Content Director. Her interests include entrepreneurship, permaculture, and blockchain. She enjoys spicy food and salty words.

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