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Level Up: Spring Showers Bring Bikes

Level Up: Spring Showers Bring Bikes

Level Up with Accreditations, Certifications

Spring is here! Forget flowers. Three of us have sprung for new bikes (Kunal, Alexis, and Katie).

Half of our office cycles to and from work, either on personal bikes or as members of Capital Bikeshare. Regular readers know that OpenWater has a culture of “leveling up” — continuing to work on, and improve, all of our skills.

(The slang “leveling up” comes from the classic video game, Mario Brothers. In the game you eat magic mushrooms to rise to the next level.

Did you know Arlington has a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community designation, from the League of American Bicyclists? Arlington has over 50 miles of dedicated bike lanes and trails. We’re ready for May, national bike month.

Speaking of official designations…

Did you know that OpenWater allows your organization to offer accreditation and certification? You can easily set up these recognition programs for new and recurring members. Ask your Customer Service team to show you how to implement a certification or accreditation workflow. (This functionality is included in every OpenWater platform package.)

New Clients – Welcome!

We welcome several new clients this month. Two in particular are noteworthy “leveling up” for our company because in servicing them we will be expanding service capacity for all our clients.


America’s software company selected OpenWater for their many application and review programs.

“Oracle hired us because we can accommodate a range of programs under one roof, from awards to scholarships,” explains Kunal.

Other OpenWater clients will benefit from our expanded West Coast support hours that we’re implementing to serve Oracle.

American Scandinavian Foundation

“We’re excited to work with this prestigious foundation. ASF selected us as the platform to manage all of their programmatic needs as they promote Nordic cultural exchange,” says Tim. ASF will be using OpenWater for grants and fellowships.

Company Retreat with Remote Staff

We look forward to the upcoming staff retreat this week. It will be an opportunity to bring everyone to Washington, D.C. To add some dramatic “panic” to the event we’ll be locking the entire team in an escape room in Georgetown. (Wish us luck!)

Katie is OpenWater's Content Director. Her interests include entrepreneurship, permaculture, and blockchain. She enjoys spicy food and salty words.

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