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Application Management Software

Flexible Application and Review Management Solutions Backed by Proven Customer Support

We use OpenWater not only for our awards programs, but also for grants, fellowships and generally anything that requires an application or judging process. All of this in one central system that integrates nicely with our association management system.
Reggie Henry
Chief Information & Engagement Officer – ASAE

Intuitive Process for Applicants

Applications submitted by email are a nightmare to manage. OpenWater presents a simple, branded experience for applicants. No more missing materials. OpenWater’s application management system will ensures that applications are complete before submission.

  • Online Forms
  • Branded Website
  • Letter of Reference Compatible
  • Email Confirmations

Multi-Party Review Made Dead Simple

Tired of trying to herd cats? Coordinating reviewers is a task itself. OpenWater’s online application management system enables reviewers to judge applicants on their own schedule. Multiple reviewers and multiple rounds? No problem. The OpenWater application submission software keeps everyone on track.

  • Save & Return Later
  • Customizable Reviewer
  • Scores and Comments
  • Multiple Rounds of Reviews
  • Online Forms

Fewer Administrator Hours

Reduce strain on administrators. OpenWater’s customized application software provides a comprehensive view of the process from start-to-finish. Optimize workflows and ensure clear communication for internal and external audiences. Administrators will spend less time coordinating and more time getting results.

  • Multi-Program Support
  • Branded Website
  • Online Forms


Help your submitters stay in the know.

Easily integrate online application software with your CRM / AMS. Our integrations team has worked with the gold standards of association management systems including Abila Netforum, Personify and iMIS. Whether you have a custom SQL database or a more mainstream system like Salesforce you can count on us to ensure information lookups, single sign on, and bidirectional synchronizations between OpenWater and your system occur seamlessly.

Support Every Step of the Way

  • Migrating your old application review software configurations to OpenWater
  • On-Demand online training and help tutorials
  • Customer support for any question

  • Q: Can OpenWater be used as job application software?

    A: Yes, OpenWater is especially helpful for organizations that need an online job application software that enables multiple employees to evaluate candidates. OpenWater can be configured to intake resumes and create email reminders for employees to rate job applicants. OpenWater also allows administrators to pull reports on the status of the applicant pipeline. Bottom-line, if you have a unique job position to fulfill our application processing software is ready for the challenge.

  • Q: Can OpenWater be used as admissions application software?

    A: Yes, OpenWater is built to be used as student application software. Universities or private schools that want to setup an online admissions application software will be able to create a branded website, online forms, and route student applications through multiple rounds of reviews. By setting up reminder emails your students will automatically be updated if their application is incomplete. OpenWater also accepts payments making it one of the best end to end student application software options available.