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Plenty of software programs let you collect applications online. But only OpenWater is a true all-in-one application management platform designed to streamline and simplify your entire application process.

Ditch the spreadsheets and forms. OpenWater Applications does it all.

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We use OpenWater not only for our awards programs, but also for grants, fellowships and generally anything that requires an application or judging process. All of this in one central system that integrates nicely with our association management system.

Reggie Henry, CAE

ASAE - Chief Information & Engagement Officer

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Application Website

Wow applicants and raise the prestige of your search through an OpenWater awards website.

Advanced Application Submission

Collect large files, set conditional logic, configure email reminders, connect to an API, and build forms with a drag and drop builder.

Judge Online or In-Person

Judges can access application submissions online and save their work. Judge with in-person, online, or print core sheets. Make rollup application programs efficient for regional and national judging.

Admin Tools & Reporting

Comprehensive dashboards to give admins the oversight they need. Export data on the application pipeline, judging progress, or submissions in order to analyze the program.

Monitor Goals

Monitor the progress of the application pipeline throughout the application cycle with dashboard goals.

AMS Integration

Integrate with the leading AMS systems including Fonteva, Personify and iMIS. Connect via an SQL database or Salesforce for information lookups, single sign on, and bidirectional synchronizations.

With Traditional Application Management

  • Multiple systems are inevitable.

    Most online application management solutions begin and end with entry collection. Tracking, judging and logistics must be handled by hand, via email or on spreadsheets.

  • Look and feel is random.

    Many application solutions force entrants to a seemingly unconnected site to upload their materials. This confuses users – and even costs associations revenue when submissions are abandoned.

  • Information is scattershot.

    Who’s started an entry? Who’s completed one? Which judges are finished? Which haven’t started? Without real-time reporting and analytics, it’s almost impossible to tell. And if you’re not informed, you can’t make informed decisions.

With OpenWater Application Software

  • One system is all you need.

    With OpenWater Applications, all tasks – by entrants, judges, chairs and administrators – are handled in one unified, fully integrated solution.

  • Branding is consistent.

    When you use OpenWater Applications, our team creates a custom-branded upload portal that matches your existing website and visual identity. Users will know they’re in a place they can trust.

  • You’re always in the know.

    OpenWater Applications’ advanced analytics capabilities eliminate confusion and simplify internal and external communication. Key reminders are sent automatically, and it’s easy to tell the status of any action item

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  • How do you review an application?

    To review an application, first you must understand the established guidelines for applying. Then, review the application for first impressions. Once you review the application once, go over it again and compare it with the established guidelines for applying.

  • What is OpenWater platform?

    The OpenWater platform is a software used by associations, higher education, and similar organizations to manage grants, awards, abstracts, scholarships, or any program that has an application and review process. Additionally, the OpenWater Event Cloud is used by organizations to run virtual and hybrid events.

  • Can OpenWater be used as admissions application software?

    Yes, OpenWater is built to be used as student application software. Universities or private schools that want to setup an online admissions application software will be able to create a branded website, online forms, and route student applications through multiple rounds of reviews. By setting up reminder emails your students will automatically be updated if their application is incomplete. OpenWater also accepts payments making it one of the best end to end student application software options available.

  • Can OpenWater be used as job application software?

    Yes, OpenWater is especially helpful for organizations that need an online job application software that enables multiple employees to evaluate candidates. OpenWater can be configured to intake resumes and create email reminders for employees to rate job applicants. OpenWater also allows administrators to pull reports on the status of the applicant pipeline. Bottom-line, if you have a unique job position to fulfill our application processing software is ready for the challenge.

  • What is Application Management Software?

    Application management software is used by organizations to collect, review, track, and assign tasks for any submission and review program. Examples of programs that use application management software are grants, awards, abstracts, and scholarships.

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