Awards Program Case Studies

OpenWater Awards is a true all-in-one software platform used by over 500 organizations. A proven robust platform that is capable of streamlining complex programs.

OpenWater is a company that treats you with a personal touch and we find that of great value. We have enjoyed the relationship we have built with them and have come to rely on them for the support that we need to continue to grow our program.
Joanne Schecter
Executive Vice President, Club Services

The best thing about OpenWater is that it is easy to setup, easy to use, and you can use it for everything from awards management, governance, event registration, call for presentations... everything!
Michele Liston
Gold Quill Awards Manager, IABC

OpenWater has helped to make our awards programs easy to pick up each year. I like that we can dummy previous sites and just tweak and manipulate with new data etc. and then push out for a new season. Customer Service in particular - is amazing at helping me out and working out any issues I may have. I think having a strong customer service base is key when working on award programs that often have tight deadlines and external judges who are not used to working in the system. Once I get a tutorial on what i'm looking to accomplish, the software is easy enough to manipulate to do on my own without having to bother my customer rep.
Nicole Nelson
Director, Events & Conferences, Ad Age

OpenWater allowed us to shift from a very messy awards management process requiring multiple platforms and lots of clerical work to a simple, streamlined system. Since implementing OW as our awards management solution, we've been able to build robust new awards programs, shift our Board application process onto the platform, and redesign our annual Chapter Activity Reporting process (which directly feeds into our recognition/awards program for chapters). I also can't say enough about OW's great customer support and user training. The OW team is truly dedicated to its customers' success—not only as users of the product, but as overall awards management pros.
Abby Heverin
Assistant Director of Communications and Awards, International Coach Federation