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Integrate to Innovate: An Insider’s Look into OpenWater Integrations

Integrate to Innovate: An Insider’s Look into OpenWater Integrations


What Do B2B Buyers Look for When Evaluating Software Solutions? Integrations.

In today’s results-oriented and customer-focused business landscape, companies want and need their systems to work seamlessly with no data, lead, or customer left behind. But decisionmakers are often left stuck with the reality of building a robust in-house system that makes it work.  

What they need to know is that they can always take on an independant integrator that can bring technology that is far more current and innovative to support them. The vast majority of the work we do here at OpenWater is making sure that our systems mesh together with existing technology stacks to end user client’s challenges. It’s a complicated process to get right, because there are vasts amounts of data that need to plug-and-play with each other seamlessly – but when done right, it demonstrates what it means to have a real software solution that facilitates coordination and communication across large organizations.


Integrations for Associations and Nonprofits


OpenWater and Personify


Personify is a constituent management and engagement platform for associations and nonprofits to manage information and interactions, collect payments, increase engagement and revenue, log data and run analytics.


How does OpenWater integrate with Personify?

OpenWater works with Personify to help them help their users collect submissions for call for papers, collect nominations for awards, or vote for a board of elections. Our single sign-on feature means that logging into Personify = logging into OpenWater. This plug-and-play means users are sent to OpenWater where their information is already pre-populated on our site, and information processed on our secure platform is sent back to Personify to store on their database.



Integrations for CRMS/Databases

OpenWater and Salesforce

Salesforce lets you store and manage prospects and customer information in one central location. Not just a fancy online file cabinet, it’s a way to expedite all parts of the sales process – by increasing leads, close deals faster, and drive customer satisfaction. Work smart.


How does OpenWater integrate with Salesforce?

The most common integration is a field lookup that allows you to search and validate data against what we have in salesforce, which allows data collected in Openwater to be pushed back to Salesforce.



Integrations for Secure Payments


OpenWater works with a security firm to validate PCI compliance efforts so that we can safely integrate with many popular payment gateways. For data protection, no credit card data actually passes through the OpenWater system. All data is encrypted before the browser passes it along.


1) Stripe

Accept credit card payments with your existing Stripe account. Stripe includes StripeJS which is a tokenization method similiar to the one we at OpenWater use.



2) Chase

Use Chase Hosted Checkout to collect payments in OpenWater. With Chase Hosted Checkout the payment process is entirely handled by Chase.



3) Paypal

Accept credit card payments with your existing PayPal professional account. We use our tokenization method described above to streamline your PCI compliance process. There are no additional fees from OpenWater to work with this gateway.



Integrate to Innovate – click here to see the full list of OpenWater Integrations.

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