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How OpenWater and Salesforce work together

Salesforce is the cloud CRM leader. With its robust AppExchange Salesforce often is used alongside powerful packages such as Fonteva, NimbleAMS, or the Nonprofit Power Pack. OpenWater understands the nuances of integrating with Salesforce. This document describes some of our common approaches, however we recommend having a conversation with one of our developers to ensure your integration needs are clear.



How does the integration work?
The most common integration is a field lookup as demonstrated in the animation. While completing an application in OpenWater, data can be searched and validated against what you have in Salesforce. In addition, data collected in OpenWater can be pushed back to Salesforce so that you can run cross-departmental reports all within Salesforce.
Advanced integrations have us pushing back Contact Records, Activities (e.g. Emails Records), and PDFs / other Files.

What APIs do you use?
Your IT team / Salesforce Admin should add OpenWater as a connected app. Once that is done, send us the Client Key / Client Secret and we are able to connect to Salesforce using the REST APIs. Typically we ask for the minimum permissions needed to ensure we can read and write back data only as needed.