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Certification Program

Certification Program

Certification Program Curriculum

This 2-day certification course is designed to show you the ins and outs of the OpenWater software. The instructor guided training will take you through the same lessons that our new staff complete to learn the platform. You will see best practices, explore new features, and learn how to create the best structures for your workflows.

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Why Invest in Certification?

Executive Directors

You have already made the investment in OpenWater. This 2-day course is intense and hands-on. Send your key staff to this certification to multiply your ROI of the OpenWater Growth Stack.

Program Administrators

Do you feel like you are scratching the surface of what you can do with OpenWater? You will learn the skills needed to handle just about any workflow OpenWater can handle. Armed with this knowledge you will become the swiss-army-knife of your organization.

Hands-on and Personal

Our curriculum is structured so that you get a deep experience of OpenWater to learn how to ask the questions you didn’t know to ask. We include significant lab time so that you can work on your goals in a hands-on setting.

In-Person Training$2495

  • What’s included
  • Sandbox Access Provided for 1 year
  • Classes limited to 10 Students
  • Bring your Laptop
  • Lunch and Networking Happy Hour Included

Online Training$995

  • On Demand Certification
  • Work digitally at your own pace
  • Individual Assessment + 1 on 1 Follow Up Call with Instructor
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  • What’s included
  • Sandbox Access Provided for 1 year
  • Digital Manual with Accompanying Video Instruction
  • Self-Paced Certification Exam



If you’re having trouble deciding if our certification programs are right for you, reach out to our staff. We can tell you more about what to expect from the lessons and how your staff might benefit from becoming OpenWater Certified. Click the chat button at the bottom right of the screen to be connected to someone.