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3 Fields Where Accreditation Software Is Making a Difference

3 Fields Where Accreditation Software Is Making a Difference

More and more states are beginning to require accreditation for certain programs and services, with performance and service expectations growing more with time A recent study on hospitals revealed that patients treated and hospitals that have been accredited nationally showed lower mortality rates than those who were not, indicating value in ensuring accountability through accreditation!

So how do Accreditation Management Software solutions slot into these 3 areas to make a real difference?


1. Hospitals

The Joint Commission accredits close to 21,000 US health care organizations and programs.


For hospitals, accreditation goes beyond just providing assurance that an organization is in keeping with current healthcare regulations – it’s often a condition of reimbursement for insurers or maintenance of medicare status.

There are several governing bodies that oversee the accreditation process of healthcare instutitions, most of them independent, non-profit organizations. There is usually an application fee and the entire accreditation process can last from somewhere between 4 months to a year. Once an organization is accredited, depending on the type of accreditation it can last for a year up to three years.

An Accreditation Software is therefore a great way for hospitals to ensure that every couple of years where the re-accreditation process needs to kick back up, they have a tool that can expedite the long and tedious process of reapplying.





2. Businesses

Best Companies’ seal of Accreditation


Companies often want to get accredited to boost their company mission and increase their brand awareness amongst consumers. For example, accreditation from a respected agency on employee engagement would be a great marketing tool for them moving forward.

Best Companies, the leading agency on employee engagement accreditation, rates companies using stars – with one star representing a good workplace environment, and three stars representing an “extraordinary” level of employee engagement.

Having an Accreditation Software can help agencies who have to go through the pains of sorting through hundred of applications every year for re-accreditation, as often these ratings are evaluated on a year-to-year basis.






3. Higher Education Institutions


University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA), is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Undergraduate & Graduate degrees.

With more we’re hearing about accreditation scams in higher education institutions, ensuring that universities and schools are in keeping with regional regulations is absolutely crucial. Especially with more and more online colleges springing up in recent years, ensuring that these remote schools are compliant with educational accreditation standards is gonna be a key factor to maintaining their legitimacy.

For colleges and universities, the Standards for Accreditation are what’s used as a framework for institutional development and self-evaluation. Most importantly institutions have to fulfill the general requirements of affiliation which outline good educational practice. 

Universities especially need an Accreditation Software to ensure that they can proactively meet requirements that are frequently updated to be in keeping with the dynamic nature of the industry.



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