The Best Accreditation Management Software

Accreditation software can be difficult to purchase because it's common for companies to specialize in one niche or another for accreditation management.

OpenWater works with nonprofit accreditation programs for the Adult Congenital Heart Association, the American Academy of Physician Assistants, and the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

This article will help breakdown how to approach selecting the right accreditation management software for your nonprofit organization.

What is an example of an accreditation?

For example, the Adult Congenital Heart Association utilizes accreditation software to certify groups of physicians and hospitals in the treatment of adult congenital heart disease. These groups carry an accreditation by meeting requirements set by ACHA.

What is accreditation management?

Accreditation management is the process of utilizing software, or managing documents through a set of routine procedures. Nonprofits utilize accreditation management companies for both support services and for software solutions.

What is accreditation management software?

When implemented correctly accreditation management software off loads the administrative burden of managing an accreditation program through offline documents and communication.

What are some of the challenges accreditation software can solve for applicants?

For the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) one of the biggest challenges was from having to manage a long complex application. In their case the application has several pages, with several questions and requires documentation.

Allowing applications to save their application and return later is one of the ways accreditation software benefited ACHA. Other associations like the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses utilizes a digital applications through accreditation software to validate question responses in order to raise the quality of applications.

How can accreditation reviewers benefit from software?

Having all the applications stored digital immediately eliminates the overhead of sending out actual documents to reviewers. Another benefit AANN achieved through OpenWater accreditation management software was that reviewers could leave comments for the applicants and reopen the application. This direct line of communication helps raise the level of quality by eliminating small gaps in the applications during the review process.

How can accreditation software integrate with other software?

Organizations with a group of members will integrate their accreditation software so that members can use their existing username and password. This is called single sign on integration with an AMS, or CRM.

Best Accreditation Management Software Platforms

1. OpenWater – best for medical and academic societies or associations with large applications, and complex review configuration needs.

2. Surlogs – best for healthcare compliance accreditation.

3. Creatrix Campus – best for university compliance and accreditation.

What is the best accreditation software?

Accreditation software is typically fragmented into a few specialized areas such as accreditation within a university or government agency setting. The best accreditation software for associations and societies is OpenWater.

OpenWater Accreditation Software

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Collect Applications
Save your applicants the headache by converting to a platform that supports large sets of submissions using a simple and effective workflow.

  • High resolution file uploads (pictures, videos and documents)
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Payments
  • Letters of reference
  • Multi-category and dependent fields

Configure a Reviewer Workflow

With OpenWater’s administrative portal, reviewers can go online and access submissions at any time, anywhere, and on any mobile device. The review forms and processes are also all fully customizable, but come with most commonly used existing features like:

  • Single or multi-round review process
  • Customizable review criteria per program
  • Committee based review capacity (including tiered judging permissions)
  • Save & Return (lets reviewers save their scoring drafts)
  • Download to PDF (down all or specific applications to PDF to review offline)
  • Full offline judging mode (perfect for in-person judging events)


Our integrations team has worked with the gold standards of association management systems including Abila Netforum, Personify and iMIS. Whether you have a custom SQL database or a more mainstream system like Salesforce you can count on us to ensure information lookups, single sign on, and bidirectional synchronizations between OpenWater and your system occur seamlessly.