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The Secret of Great APIs

Photo by John Carlisle

APIs are a central benefit of the OpenWater platform — and critical to organizations in every sector.

APIs (application protocol interfaces) connect two or more technologies. An API allows you to pull data from one application and push it into another. An everyday example is connecting your workout app to your food tracking app; this exchange of data is thanks to an API.

Legacy software is often times isolated in an organization. This is extremely limiting. Modern software has the ability to securely exchange data, greatly expanding functionality. As the complexity of networked systems has increased, so has the need for APIs. OpenWater’s Growth Stack includes API functionality by default.

APIs: Making Life Easier and Systems More Useful

APIs aren’t just technical solutions; they can create brand new services and revenue streams.

Innovative companies have discovered that APIs can be used as an

interface to the business, allowing them to monetize digital assets,

extend their value proposition with partner-delivered capabilities,

and connect to customers across channels and devices.


When you create an API, you are allowing others within or outside

of your organization to make use of your service or product

to create new applications, attract customers, or expand their

Business. – Mulesoft, an API platform

APIs connect devices and external applications in mobile apps, cloud computing, SaaS (Software as a Service) products, and the emerging IoT (Internet of Things).

Many Integrations, Many Possibilities

OpenWater supports hundreds of integrations. Some connections are familiar to the layperson. For example, using your Facebook credentials to log into another site. This is called Single Sign On (SSO).

We actively support industry-specific integrations. For example, we use integrations for associations (e.g. an integration with your membership system) and foundations (e.g. an integration with your finance system, like Blackbaud). We also support top enterprise integrations for robust flexibility.

A commonly used integration uses what we refer to as “field lookups”.  See an example of a field lookup in action below (larger version here):

We develop custom integrations for OpenWater clients through our Islands Initiative. Thousands of additional workflows are possible using third-party tools like Zapier.

AMS/CRM Integration Made Simple

Contact us to discuss how your organization could benefit from a custom integration. A client had this to say about a recent integration (larger version here):

API Kudos

To learn more about integrations download our guide, Integration Made Simple.


Photo by John Carlisle on Unsplash


Katie is OpenWater's Content Director. Her interests include entrepreneurship, permaculture, and blockchain. She enjoys spicy food and salty words.

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