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AMS/CRM Integration Made Simple

Every day, your organization gains valuable information you can’t afford to lose in the abyss of Excel spreadsheets or juggling multiple systems. That’s where integrations come in.

An AMS or CRM is the backbone of any successful organization. Not only does it store and organize valuable information, but it does so while increasing efficiency and eliminating systemic and data-centric redundancies. After all, you wouldn’t invest in such a system if it didn’t offer a robust array of functional tools to organize necessary tasks.

However, these systems can’t do it all.

In fact, this is the very reason why you rely on third party software, like OpenWater, to manage tasks your current system can’t. And while you can keep each system segmented, integration eliminates potential disasters, fees, and a healthy dose of frustration.

At OpenWater, we understand the underlying value of integration. This is why we not only promote integrations, but perform integrations on behalf of our customers as well. Likewise, we understand that integrations can be confusing. This guide addresses frequently asked questions to ensure you understand the value of integrations before proceeding with your own.

These questions include:

  • Why should I integrate OpenWater with my AMS/CRM?
  • What are the most common integrations?
  • Which systems are supported with an OpenWater integration?; and
  • Who can perform my integration?

AMS / CRM Integration Made Simple

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