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Online Submissions

online award submission

Are you looking for any old form builder for your submissions or a comprehensive submission tool with all parts of the submission process in one streamlined location? OpenWater Awards is the tool for you. We take the all-too-common hassles out of the application process and give both admins and entrants an experience that won’t give them a headache.

A submission process designed for your entrants.

Easy for Entrants

Entrants are tired of plodding through lengthy and confusing application processes. OpenWater’s online submission tool is designed to create the entry form you need, and improve the user experience, by making the submission process as simple and painless as possible.

online award tool

Online Forms

Our system lets you “click and drag” to build your own online submission forms —  without writing a single line of code. No technical skill required!

Media Upload

Empower users to upload images, videos, text documents, PDFS — or anything they need. And when it comes time to judge, view (or stream) the files directly in the same system. No more mailing DVDs!


Our awards management software lets users submit payment at the same time as they upload their entries. Integration with popular payment processors, like PayPal and Authorize.net, is instant and automatic.

award submission software

Advanced Capabilities

Our submission tool doesn’t box in your awards program. Create an application tailored to the unique needs of your program with OpenWater Awards Submission Software’s advanced capabilities.

Conditional Logic

We want you to be able to set up your application just how you want. Our awards software has rules that let you customize the flow of your submission, based on criteria you define.

Email Confirmations

Keeping your entrants up to date just got a lot easier. Our awards management system has the capability to automatically send email confirmations and notifications to your entrants throughout the awards process.


With OpenWater’s APIs you have the ability to feed information in and out of our system to your membership database, or CRM software, and payment processor and vice versa.