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Should You Make a Facebook Page for Your Awards Program?

Should You Make a Facebook Page for Your Awards Program?

You already know that social media matters when it comes to your awards program. After all, platforms like Facebook aren’t just for millennials anymore! Organizations are on social media now too, using platforms like Facebook to reach out to and engage with their target audience.

Now, if you’re like most organizations, you already have a Facebook page for your company. But what about when your awards program comes around? Should you just create an event on your company’s page or should you invest the time and effort to make a separate page for your program?

In this article, we’re going to discuss why dedicating a separate Facebook page to your awards is the best choice when you’re looking to use the platform to its fullest.

Why Facebook is the Right Platform for Awards Marketing

User engagement is everything when you’re looking to generate awareness for your awards. That’s because posts only matter if you’re actually reaching users and piquing interest that turns into increased submissions.

With Facebook, you can use a variety of tools to your advantage, including:

  • Imagery – Cover photos and profile pictures, along with photo-based posts which are known to do well on Facebook, are all simple ways to stimulate interest for users and capture attention.
  • Direct Communication – The best part about posting on Facebook is that you can communicate directly with those following you. This gives your organization an emotional appeal that will make users feel more engaged with your program which in turn will encourage them to submit an entry.
  • Deliver Vital Information – As your call for entry comes to a close or your awards gala approaches, it’s important to have a space on social media where important information is easy to find. And with Facebook, you can do just that.

Why You Need a Separate Facebook Page for Your Awards Program

I know what you’re thinking: you already have a page and following for your organization, so why bother creating a separate page for your awards program?

As we tackle this question, it’s important to remember that different pages serve different purposes in Facebook. In fact, you might have fans on your organization’s page for reasons separate from your awards. As such, it’s important to create an entirely new page for your program to segment your audience so that those who aren’t following you for your awards aren’t bombared with information too much.

Of course, there are additional reasons why your program deserves its own page, such as:

  • Specific Communication Space Creating a separate page means creating a centralized location that users can turn to whenever they’re looking for information specific to your awards. This means that you can also use the space for all news, reminders, and marketing, leaving your normal organization page for organization-specific news, articles, and events.
  • Create a Community On a separate page, entrants can communicate and interact with one another, ask questions, and receive updates. Better yet, they will feel as if they are part of a community, further enhancing the prestige and legitimacy of your organization in the process.
  • Generates Attention and Interest – Think about this: every time a user joins your awards group by liking your page, their Facebook friends will be notified. And, if they’re in a similar industry, they might also choose to apply to your awards program. This means free, targeted marketing that can greatly increase your number of submissions.

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