Hybrid Conference Software Platform

Where virtual and in-person become one

  • End-to-end platform for streaming, engagement, sponsorship and networking
  • Support and services that scale up to the needs of your team
  • Foster niche networking, boost attendee revenue and raise sponsor participation

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

OpenWater was able to tell us what we needed, their experience was evident from preparation to the last session of the conference. We utilized the training materials for attendees, speakers and room moderators. Great support combined with an easy to use platform enabled our team to impress our members.

Liz Giannini

CESSE - Senior Operations Manager

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Live Stream In-Person or Create On-Demand Recordings

Record in-person sessions for virtual on-demand replays, or live stream for simultaneous participation from virtual attendees and presenters.

Mobile App & Virtual Platform

Sync information between your conference mobile app and your virtual conference platform through OpenWater. Bridge attendee chat between in-person and virtual.

Conference Homepage

Match the look and feel for your website. Get attendees to where they want to go without getting lost in a virtual exhibit hall that feels like a video game.

Conference Schedule

Personalized agenda builder, search/filters for high session volume conferences, restrict sessions by registration level.

Session View

Join or start sessions in one click, host live or pre-recorded sessions, speaker information, one click to join session chat.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Gallery

Easy search/filter options for conferences with a high volume of exhibitors, earn more revenue from sponsors by charging for top placement.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Page

Flexible pages allow sponsors to easily add collateral without creating special graphics or resources. Allow sponsors to customize their call to action buttons in order to optimize their lead nurturing.

Poster Gallery

Scale up your poster gallery with OpenWater, upload large file sizes, foster niche networking through poster chat rooms.

Attendee Networking through Chat

Flexible chat configuration for detailed discussion by session, or by topic. Browse attendees and send chat requests, allow sponsors to host conversations and engage with attendee discussions.

Mobile App - Conference Agenda

Create an invaluable scheduling resource for your in person attendees.

Mobile App - Session Information

Sync session information, speaker materials and session based chat between virtual and in person attendees.

Mobile App - Exhibitors, Sponsors

Sync exhibitor halls, and sponsor galleries between the in person conference app and virtual platform.

Traditional Conference Management

  • Information is Scatter-Shot

    Your staff collects conference information across multiple tools. Too much time is spent exporting and importing excel sheets, formatting data, and keeping tabs on last minute updates.

  • Virtual Attendees are Left Out

    Your staff values first time attendees and wants to continue to make the conference accessible, but bringing in-person and virtual experiences together on budget is prohibitive with your current vendor’s capabilities.

  • Do-It-Yourself or Else

    To save money, your staff built a virtual conference on a do-it-yourself platform. You saved money, but the conference branding was clunky, and support tickets were your only option for support.

OpenWater Event Cloud

  • Have Everything in One Place

    Openwater is your conference content collection engine. Collect abstracts, speaker materials, exhibitors, posters and more within OpenWater, then send the information where it needs to go.

  • A Solution for Virtual and In-Person

    OpenWater mobile app is your solution to bridge the networking gap between virtual and in-person attendees. Sync attendee networking and session data between the conference website and mobile app.

  • Scalable Support

    With OpenWater, your team can offload the burden of building an entire conference website and mobile app through our support team and still have the power to make last minute updates.

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  • What is a hybrid conference platform?

    Hybrid conference software, or alternatively a hybrid conference platform, is what your attendees use to access your hybrid event online. On OpenWater’s hybrid conference platform, attendees can access conference sessions, network with other attendees, view abstracts and posters, and more. Your remote attendees will use hybrid conference software as hybrid event portals to engage with your conference.

  • How do I host a hybrid conference with a small budget?

    OpenWater provides assistance for any organization looking to go hybrid in 2021 by providing free downloadable resources. You’ll learn how to go hybrid on a budget in our guide. Inside, you will find illustrated hybrid conference examples to take you through hosting your own event while keeping expenses low.

  • How do I stream my in-person conference to a virtual audience?

    To learn about recording your in-person event and broadcasting it to a hybrid live stream platform, visit the OpenWater hybrid resource page. The virtual component of your in-person event is what makes a hybrid conference a hybrid conference. With OpenWater, the in-person component to your conference will be broadcast to our hybrid event software that virtual attendees can engage with.

  • Do I need to hire a new hybrid event manager?

    OpenWater’s hybrid software acts as a hybrid event management software. The platform enables just about anyone to manage their hybrid event program with ease. Also, OpenWater Support is with you every step of the way.
    Sometimes, the scope and scale of an organization’s hybrid event require an additional hybrid event manager on staff. However, note that whether you should hire an event manager can be determined by a representative when you schedule a demo call.

  • Where can I find resources to help me manage a hybrid event?

    All of our helpful hybrid content is available for free on the OpenWater resource page and the OpenWater blog. There, you’ll find resources with hybrid conference examples and insights on conferencing in general. Many organizations have found our hybrid conference step-by-step guide to be helpful when managing their hybrid event. Another downloadable people have found helpful is our hybrid conference checklist, which provides a list of equipment necessary for hosting a hybrid event.