Hybrid Conference Training

Create a Professional Quality Broadcast Without a Large Budget

In-depth AV training for creating a live event over Zoom.

What is Hybrid (15 min)

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn a flexible strategy for 2021 events that includes having your in-person event as usual and streaming the content to a virtual audience.
  • How to plan a pivot to virtual without having to change staff or cancel contracts, this strategy allows your team to pivot to virtual with less overhead and without making major budget considerations.
  • Take out the mystery behind the technology and staff needed to stream an in-person event to a virtual audience with remote participation and remote presenters. Learn how to scale a conference broadcast with a lot of sessions on a small budget.

Step by Step Walkthrough (18 min)

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how to stream slides and speaker audio from an in-person event with less than $100 of equipment.
  • Get direct links to purchase the cords, splitters, converters, mixers and cameras that we use in these training videos.
  • How to stream an in-person presentation to a virtual audience, or vice versa, learn how to stream a remote presenter to an in-person audience.

Download the Training Materials

Pre-Event Checklist

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Step-by-Step Guide

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