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#WebinarWednesdays: How American Association of Public Opinion Researchers Uses OpenWater

#WebinarWednesdays: How American Association of Public Opinion Researchers Uses OpenWater

American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) currently uses OpenWater to collect 1000+ proposals for their annual conference. The event draws thousands of public opinion and survey research professionals every year, and their partnership with OpenWater allows them to process their abstracts submissions and plan their conference in an unprecedentedly effective workflow. For a deeper look at how OpenWater can serve as your conference solution, find the “OpenWater for Conferences” webinar, delivered by our Associate Brand Manager David, on our OW Webinar Community page.

A conference that draws an audience as large as AAPOR requires a higher-level technology solution to ensure the event runs smoothly. Let’s take a quick look at how AAPOR works with us to make sure that their abstracts submissions are submitted and reviewed in a fair and reliable way that allows them to better serve their attendees every year.


1. iMIS Integration for Single Sign-On

The OpenWater x iMIS integration working in the background allows submitters and reviewers to log in with their AAPOR iMIS credentials, saving them the additional step of creating a profile on OpenWater’s secure submission platform to submit their abstracts. This “single sign-on” feature not only saves submitters time, it also allows for bi-directional data transmission between OpenWater and the AAPOR iMIS database, pushing data about proposers back to iMIS in order to keep track of proposals, designations, payments, etc.


2. Session Planning

Once the abstracts are submitted, AAPOR sessions chairs then use OpenWater to plan 126 individual sessions where the proposals are reviewed in more depth. The chairs also use the scheduler to assign each session to a room and a time slot, expediting the review process.


The Scheduler, visualized.


   Adam and the AAPOR team need OpenWater as they have some extensive requirements for their sessions. The new session builder is perfect for their workflow.

– Helen H., Account Executive for AAPOR at OW


3. Generating Custom Reports

With OpenWater, AAPOR can also generate a custom report to create an “abstract book” for their conference that allows reviewers to handily overview the accepted proposals, on or offline.


4. Mobile-Ready Conference Management

Easily downloadable from the App store, OpenWater’s integration with Core-Apps also ensures that the conference app has all the up-to-date session information.



5. Public Gallery Feature for increased access and transparency

The public gallery feature can also be used at this stage to open conference abstracts for public viewing. Accepted proposals are organized by sessions for easier identification.




You can find a recorded version of this webinar on how AAPOR works with OpenWater’s iMIS integrations for a better abstracts conference management process online, through the OpenWater webinar community here.

Want to find out more about OpenWater’s Abstract Management Solutions? Click here to see what we have to offer.


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