How OpenWater and iMIS Work Together

How OpenWater and iMIS work together

Countless trade associations and membership societies rely on iMIS to manage their organization.  iMIS should be the single source of data for an organization.  When using OpenWater to collect nominations for awards, submissions for a call for papers, or votes for a board of elections our integration ensures a seamless user experience for your members.  When the information is processed it is also sent back to iMIS where it can be seen in RiSE or queried via IQA.


Single Sign On and Information Pre-Population
Your members login using the credentials they already have with your organization.  After being validated, they will be sent over to OpenWater with their information pre-populated.  This is a true single sign on in the sense that if a member is already logged into your platform they will seamlessly be logged into OpenWater.  When they sign out of OpenWater they will also be logged out of iMIS.
Member Specific Pricing
If you use OpenWater to charge submission fees, we can make use of the customer information and membership status to help determine their pricing.

Optional Support for Non-iMIS Account Access
Some use cases need both iMIS and non-iMIS users to access OpenWater.  We have you covered with a toggle setting you can use on a workflow by workflow basis to enable guest access.

Person Lookups and Other Queries

We can harness the power of IQA right inside an OpenWater application.  One of the most common uses of lookups are to ensure authors associated with a conference abstract are correctly identified.  See this in action:

Activity Push Back

We can push back notes and activities regarding participation in an awards program or winner status.  This data can then be queried from within IQA. Activity push back is performed using the PartyNote api REST method.



What Versions of iMIS do you work with?
We work with iMIS 10, 15, 20, and Cloud based versions.  For iMIS 10 only single sign on is supported. For iMIS 15 single sign on and person lookups are supported.  For iMIS 20 and iMIS cloud all integrations listed are supported.

What APIs do you use?
We work with the new REST based APIs along with the older web services.  Send us a link to your iMIS staff login page and we can provide specific details.

Do You Use a Bridge?
Yes, OpenWater has developed its own iMIS bridge for purposes of connecting to iMIS.  If you have already made the investment in the ATS or ISG bridges we will waive our integration costs.

What is the timeline / cost?
Integrations are typically completed within 2 weeks and require 10 – 40 Consulting Hours