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The End of the Quarter: We’re Hiring, and One of Us is Entertaining a Celebrity

The End of the Quarter:  We’re Hiring, and One of Us is Entertaining a Celebrity

As sun sets on the first quarter we’re turning our eyes west. First to Chicago, and then to the Pacific — and not just the islands. Also, one of us will give a personal performance to a celebrity…

Strong First Quarter

Scores are in as we close the first quarter:

  • All of our numbers are up, from revenue to new customers
  • Nearly all of our goals met (just shy of revenue goal; contract signed after end of quarter)
  • Now hiring for the West Coast (see below)

Tim and Kunal continue to meet with investors. Our building is putting the final touches on the new gym. It should be ready soon, to everyone’s delight.


Zach and Kunal were in Chicago recently overseeing a live judging event. In-person events use OpenWater software on specially-configured iPads. Judges submit scores and results are securely tabulated. Results are broadcast live, or revealed as part of a ceremony, depending on the client.  

Naturally, a visit to the Second City included a visit to Cloud Gate, use of the L, and some deep-dish pizza.

Hiring: West Coast

We’re actively seeking a Customer Service rep. It is a telecommuting role. You must be friendly, self-directed, and patient. Full time W2 salary + benefits. Preference given to applicants who live on the West Coast. Contact us with your application right away.

Performing for the Notorious RBG

Daniel has the upcoming special honor of meeting and entertaining Special Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Outside of work Daniel performs with the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society (“the only theatre group with its own law school”). RBG is a fan. Daniel will be part of private performance of Ruddigore for the Special Justice.

Ruddigore, a comic parody of the supernatural, opens this Wednesday, April 4th. Tickets are $15. Join the fun. You’ll see some of the OpenWater staff in the audience, too.


Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel

Katie is OpenWater's Content Director. Her interests include entrepreneurship, permaculture, and blockchain. She enjoys spicy food and salty words.

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