OpenWater + Higher Logic Thrive

Integrate your Higher Logic Online Community with OpenWater

OpenWater Overview

OpenWater is a battle tested platform used by hundreds of organizations including ASAE to streamline and simplify your sub mission and review process for awards, abstracts, grants, scholarships, and more.

Higher Logic & OpenWater Overview

The Thrive Submissions and Review version of OpenWater deeply integrates with the thrive online community and includes an unlimited number of OpenWater programs.

Integration features


Single Sign On

Your members login using the credentials they already have with your organization. After being validated, they will be sent over to OpenWater with their information pre-populated. Because your AMS already integrates with your online community users will feel like they are using one system.

Data Pushback and Automation Rules

All submissions collected by OpenWater will appear as External Activities in online communities. This means you can build automation rules to add people to security groups, badges, ribbons, or send them emails.

Targeted Campaigns

Using automation rules, security groups, and what has been collected in Thrive you can have targeted messaging for logged in users. Say you want to advertise an event to people that submitted an award, you can instantly build rules to do this.

Badges and Ribbons

Increase participation of your submissions based workflows by having people who were awarded winner or finalist status ribbons and badges. These will then appear throughout their participation in other areas of the community.