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Best Practice Resources for Grant Programs and Grantmaking

Best Practice Resources for  Grant Programs and Grantmaking

What are grant best practices?

Much depends on the grant program’s funder(s), grantees, and projects served. We compiled these resources for grantees and grantmakers at every stage of the process.

Grantee Process

Grant Writing Tips – This blog post details tips for grant applicants as well as organizations seeking grant funds.

Grant Winner’s Action Plan – What happens after you win a grant? This post gives step-by-step recommendations.

Grant Management Best Practices

Premier Guide to Grantmaking Software – Why should grant programs use grant management software? This guide explains what to look for and how to evaluate options.

Grantmaker’s Guide to Cloud-Based Software – This guide explains the advantages of cloud-based software in contrast to other grant management options.

Become Your Organization’s Tech Advocate – Grant programs suffer when processes are slow and data is opaque. Read this if you need to explain the benefits of technology to non-technical, or tech-resistant, stakeholders.

Seamless Software Implementation: 5 Tips for Success – What’s the best way to get internal teams set up on grantmaking software? (If you use OpenWater Grants, we do set up for you. Additionally, you can get your team OpenWater Certified, so you have access to in-house experts.)

Strategic Storytelling: How to Use Data to Create a Successful Narrative – Once your grant program has a bird’s eye view of the entire process, what do you do with the new insights and data? You tell a story. Here’s how.

Grantmaking Templates, Data Sheets, and Inspiration

Best Grant Web Designs 2018 – Why are these grant website designs successful? It may not be what you initially think. This blog post explains.

Build a Perfect Grant Website – Grant websites have specific requirements. This guide looks more closely at the strategic elements of a grant program website.

3 Press Release Templates Every Grant Program Needs – Use these essential templates to format online and offline communication.


Photo: Kyle Glenn