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Build a Perfect Grant Website

A high quality grant website is an essential tool for grant management

How should your organization build the website? Many organizations seek expert advice. You’re a changemaker, not a webmaster, after all.

Ask a tech person and they will asseverate* that you need all kinds of fancy bells and whistles on a grant website.

*asseverate: to declare positively and earnestly

Example: A technology focused person may asseverate that you need facial-recognition software as part of your grant website.


We’re a tech company and we say: that’s nonsense!

What you need to build a successful grant website comes down to just a few, key strategic components. All of them are inexpensive to implement. None are very technical. (For starters, you can drop the big, fancy words and speak plainly!)

Download this guide and learn:

  • Communication Components:¬†There are seven communication cornerstones, all simple and effective. Check these boxes on your grant website to stand out.
  • Real World Examples:¬†Successful grant websites demonstrate all of these communication components. We share links to some of the world’s best grant websites. Review them, gather ideas, and build a grant website that truly serves your community.
  • Tips for Year Two and Beyond: How will your grant website change over time? How can you set it up so it improves year after year? Read this and you’ll know it all — no dictionary for fancy words required.

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