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IT System Maintenance Is Easy With OpenWater Software

IT System Maintenance Is Easy With OpenWater Software

All IT products need some form of system maintenance throughout their operational lifecycles. New processes will be implemented, data will need to migrate, staff will need training and support, and modifications will be necessary. The lay of the land changes.

Most IT system maintenance tasks can be lumped into one of three categories:

  • Corrective: Repairs and workarounds to solve problems in the software system.
  • Adaptive: Updates or alterations to how a system works. Often, this is in reaction to a change in the organization or software environment.
  • Perfective: Evolutions and additions to an IT system that enhance performance or fulfill a new user need.

Our application management software, OpenWater, was built from the ground up to minimize the need—and streamline the process—for all three IT system maintenance areas.  Here’s how:

Everything Is Centralized—On the Cloud

We update and maintain the system, patch it with fixes, and keep an eye on stability all on our end. Cloud-based SaaS applications move a ton of the corrective burden off your plate.  There’s no need to have a developer on staff, as you would with a custom, in-house system, because our developers and support team are always on the job.  We take care of all the system’s health needs without costing you significant gaps in user uptime.

Your association also won’t need to troubleshoot burdensome installs or large local patch downloads that need to be handled manually. There’s also much less that can go wrong during IT system maintenance when one, centralized system handles the collection of every material you need from your applicants.  OpenWater can:

  • Gather event registrations
  • Collect abstracts
  • Include payment gateways
  • Accept large file uploads
  • Capture detailed contact information
  • Automate email messages to users

All of these could be handled in a single place, at the same time, through one customizable online form. Better yet, cloud-based software prevents you from losing any of this data due to local system failures.

OpenWater Adapts to Your Staff’s Needs

Our user-friendly system significantly cuts down on time you’ll devote to training, user support, and general troubleshooting. The intuitive user interface moves a lot of adaptive and data management tasks (that would typically fall into the lap of information technology maintenance) right to the front line—your users. 

A low learning curve was a priority for us. It’s simple for staff to collect, access, and create reports on the data they need from OpenWater without any supervisory help. We designed the customizable form builder and visual scheduler specifically so non-IT people could make changes without ever calling the IT department or paying a developer. The system also saves robust program templates, so staff can build off of previous programs without starting from scratch each year.

The System is Loaded with APIs

Improvements and upgrades are easy with OpenWater because our system comes ready to integrate with an incredible range of products right out of the box.  Our developers handle each integration case by case, from mainstream systems like Salesforce to unique, custom SQL databases.

OpenWater’s ability to handle info lookups, single sign-on, and bidirectional synchronizations means you can stop juggling multiple systems or worrying about inconsistencies and redundancies. We provide a detailed walkthrough of our API process here.  Adding functionality is a breeze with seamless integrations, including with your pre-existing website.

Do More With Less

IT system maintenance is easy when the software is all about simplicity. OpenWater combines cloud-based convenience, high user operability, and a complete suite of APIs to calm the waters in the IT department.

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