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Collect and Organize Abstract Submissions for Your Next Annual Meeting

Collect and Organize Abstract Submissions for Your Next Annual Meeting

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in the abstract management pipeline of an annual meeting.  I like this metaphor because, to the casual onlooker, everything appears to happen automatically—as if by magic.  They never give the labor that goes into abstract collection and organization a second thought. Speakers send proposals, and sessions fill the final agenda. Voila!

Behind the scenes, it’s even smokier. Your email inbox is flooded with correspondences between speakers, staff, reviewers, and session chairs, leaving you to sift through the static for details. But this isn’t a foggy night in Victorian London, and it shouldn’t take an investigation to get to the bottom of your abstract submissions process.

Simplify Abstract Management for Your Annual Meeting

There are loads of software tools that can streamline, automate, and simplify the abstracts runaround.  Collect and organize your abstract submissions with:

OpenWater Handles Abstract Collection, Organization, and Review

Once upon a time, our young company was working with a trade association when—in response to a business need—we developed an application and submission software. This breakthrough product became OpenWater, a full-service application management system that can help you organize abstracts before, during, and after your annual meeting.

The popularity of OpenWater has propelled it to ever-greater capabilities as the cornerstone of our service offerings.  The old way of handling abstract submissions needed a facelift, and it’s here. OpenWater is all about bringing simplicity to your annual meeting planning process.  We’re proud to offer a one-stop software solution with all of the tools mentioned above in a single, robust, easy-to-use platform.

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