How to Select the Best Peer Review Software

A Guide for Academic Conference Managers

Quality peer review management is vital to academic conferences that rely on comprehensive review of abstracts, posters, sessions, or speakers.

It’s no surprise due to the pandemic scientific and medical associations have been rapidly adapting their annual conference format to include virtual components.

As a result, there are opportunities to streamline peer review software with a virtual conference platform and simplify the cycle of hosting an annual event.

Avoid this Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes associations can make when purchasing peer review software is investing in a platform that can only manage abstracts, or other basic submission processes.

While some annual events like trade shows will almost certainly go back to in-person, scientific and medical conferences are finding that the virtual model is more accessible vs. an in-person experience fully dependent on the burden of travel.

Therefore, association management companies and internal conference managers for academic societies and associations should prioritize a peer review software platform that can host virtual conference, build a conference mobile app, and also manage awards, grants, scholarships or fellowships.

What is the Best Peer Review Software?

After searching online a lot of people often find Submittable, or ExOrdo, but these two options won’t always be the best fit. OpenWater is the best software for peer review because only OpenWater can enable your organization to host a virtual conference, build a mobile app, and manage multiple other programs like grants, awards, or fellowships under one account manager.

Best Peer Review Software
1. OpenWater
2. ExOrdo
3. Submittable

What OpenWater Can Do Submittable Can’t

Submittbale does not offer virtual conference hosting solutions or services. Therefore an association can only utilize Submittbale for organizing the conference and will need to export all that information into a virtual conference platform or mobile app.

At OpenWater our clients can plan for a confernece, collect speaker materials, organizing a peer review workflow and build out a conference website, virtual conference website and a mobile app.

How AAG Utilizes OpenWater

The American Association of Geographers utilizes OpenWater for hosting a virtual conference, and also utilizes OpenWater for collecting abstract submissions and coordinating reviewers.

What OpenWater Can Do ExOrdo Can’t

ExOrdo is a platform for both organizing an academic conference and hosting a virtual conference.

However, ExOrdo will only support a virtual conference, not a conference with an in-person component.

OpenWater is a solution for both virtual and in-person conferences and offers a conference mobile app, as well as streaming services for live broadcasts to a virtual audience.

Another difference between OpenWater and ExOrdo is that ExOrdo is not a platform for managing other programs for awards, grants, fellowships or scholarships.

How AsMA Utilizes OpenWater

The Aerospace Medical Association utilizes OpenWater for abstract management, fellowships, awards, and scholarships.

Abstract Management

Awards Management

Fellowship Management

Scholarship Management

What is Peer Review?

Most often peer review refers to a process of judging applicants by one’s professional peers in order to speak about a topic. Peer review software like OpenWater is used by academic conferences in order to manage the process of peer review.

What is peer review tool?

A peer review tool is a software used by higher education administrators to manage the process of verifying research publications. Administrators use peer review tools to track submissions, review scholarly materials, and approve work done by researchers.

How do you program a peer review?

A peer review program is overseen by higher education administrators to ensure the peer review process meets organizational standards for scholars and reviewers.

What is online panel management?

Online panel management is the process of using software to oversee the submission and review process for panelists. Panel management aims to streamline programs for organizations.

How do you create an online panel?
You can create an online panel by researching and recruiting panelists willing to participate in the research study, survey, or whatever it is you need a panel for. From there, you manage the panel by overseeing and finding ways to improve your panelist’s experience.

OpenWater was able to tell us what we needed, their experience was evident from preparation to the last session of the conference. We utilized the training materials for attendees, speakers and room moderators. Great support combined with an easy to use platform enabled our team to impress our members.

Liz Giannini

Senior Operations Manager