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Administrative Tools

award management system

There are lots of tools out there to help you build a submission form for your software, but what about administrative needs? How are you getting the important data and analytics that will take your program to the next level? OpenWater’s awards management software gives admins the tools and resources to make their program a success. From complete oversight of the awards process, to communicating with judges and entrants, to analyzing your program’s progress, we’ve got you covered.

All the tools you need, right at your fingertips.

Centralized Control

OpenWater’s all in one awards management system gives admins total visibility of the entire awards process with comprehensive dashboards and communication capabilities. Managing your awards will never have been easier.

awards management

Program Dashboard

Our platform includes comprehensive dashboards to give admins the oversight they need. Each dashboard comes with real time stats so admins can monitor revenue, submissions, and judging activity.

Multiple Program Support

Whether you have one awards program, ten, twenty, or even more, OpenWater Awards lets you run as many as you need, all in the same system.

Easy Comunication

Keep your applicants and judges informed and up to date with advanced email marketing features. Confirm, remind, thank, or just say “hi” with the click of a button.

awards management system

Data Made Simple

Whether you’re looking for an update on your program’s progress or analyzing the results for in preparation for next year, our system can provide you with the data and analytics you need.


From checking incomplete submissions to building complex queries, the OpenWater Awards report engine can keep you on top of your program. You can easily build custom reports, then view the results in the system or via PDF or Excel.


OpenWater Awards’ advanced analytics capabilities eliminate confusion and simplify internal and external communication. Key reminders are sent automatically, and it’s easy to tell the status of any action item on our comprehensive dashboards.


With OpenWater’s APIs you have the ability to feed information in and out of our system to your membership database, or CRM software, and payment processor and vice versa.