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Awards Website Builder

awards website builder

Your awards website is an important source of information for your program, as well as a great marketing tool that can drive submissions and elevate your awards’ reputation. OpenWater’s software helps ensure you get the most out of your website at every stage in the awards process, giving the ability to publicize what’s going on — from the call for entry, to judging announcements, to winner selection.

Turn your website into more than just an information source.

All-in-One Awards Website

A good awards website can transform your program. OpenWater will help you build the perfect site, optimized for any device that you’ll actually want to share with the world.

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Page Builder

OpenWater Software’s page builder is more than just a portal for your submissions. It’s a content management system for your awards website that helps you get organized, and take your submissions to the next level. Choose a design from one of our templates and customize the colors, menu, or add pages to suit the unique look and feel of your website.

Responsive Design

OpenWater’s system automatically adjusts to the orientation and resolution of whatever electronic device your visitors are using.  Desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly!

Social Sharing

Use OpenWater Awards as part of your organization’s social media plan! Encourage sharing on your website, giving entrants the opportunity to publicize your awards program and get visible online.

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State-of-the-Art Gallery

Our awards management system lets you automatically create galleries of entries and winning submissions. No need to find a developer or manually upload the entries to your website.

Searchable Design

Don’t let anyone’s submission get buried in your gallery! We know you care about your entrants and that’s why all our galleries are searchable, making it easy to find any entry.

Marketing Opportunities

Use your gallery as a way to drive traffic to your site and generate buzz about your program and its entrants. It can be used to increase advertising and subscriptions, and as a dynamic, visual archive of your program through the years.

Automatically Updated

Want to highlight your entrants’ submissions but don’t have the time or resources to assemble it all? No problem. Our gallery feature can automatically update as applicants submit their entries. That’s right — all the benefits of the gallery without the hassle.