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Revenue Engine

openwater awards software

Awards programs are often considered a cost. A cost that may or may not be covered by entry fees. However, if you are only charging entry fees you have already missed a big opportunity. OpenWater’s software will allow you to cash in on revenue opportunities throughout the entire awards cycle. The best part? Every one of these “revenue engines” is fully automated. Meaning: more revenue with no added work!

Turn every stage of your awards program into a revenue source.

Automated Income Stream

Instead of spending money on your awards program, make some! OpenWater has cracked the code that will allow you to significantly increase your revenue at every stage of your awards program, from start to finish.

award management system

During Call for Entry

Start the income influx as soon as the opening of your call for entry. In conjunction with entry fees our specialized features can help you get a head start on your revenue goals.

Throughout Awards Cycle

Your awards program as a whole can be leveraged for significant revenue opportunities. OpenWater’s awards software makes sure you’re making the most of every stage of your awards and not missing out any opportunities.

After Awards Ceremony

What if we said you could increase revenue even when your awards program ends? By seizing the opportunity to do more than just charge entry fees, OpenWater customers have been able to increase their revenue on average by $15 – $30 per entrant (in addition to entry fees).