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Awards Judging

awards judging software

Because many awards programs use a combination of solutions for their submission process, judging can turn into a complicated tangle of emails, dropbox files, and snail mail. But it doesn’t have to be that way. OpenWater’s judging platform is integrated with the entire awards software, from the administrative side as well as submissions. All your judges have to do is log in and get started.

Let your judges focus on what’s important.

Score Entries Online

Simplify and streamline the judging experience. With OpenWater, judges can go online and access submissions at any time, anywhere, on nearly any device. And admins can create the judging forms and processes to fit their program’s exact needs.

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Judge Forms

With our online judging capabilities, you have the power to set up the evaluation process for entries however you want. You can customize not only the layout and criteria and questions you want your judges to answer, but also how they should answer them: short answer, numbered range, whatever you want!

People’s Choice

With OpenWater Awards, you can open up submissions to the public and let them vote for the winner. It’s a great way to make your program go viral!

Save and Return

Judges can save their progress and return to entries at a later date.  Real time stats of entries completed and remaining, along with visibility of entries scored, allow judges to track their process, as well as review or change their work.

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Judging Your Awards In-Person

Just because OpenWater’s awards management software is cloud based, it doesn’t mean your judges have to score entries online. We’ve created resources within our system that makes it as easy for judges to score entries at an in-person event as it is online.

Score Sheets

If your awards program’s judging process is an in-person event, our software doesn’t have to limit you. The online judging forms can be easily updated and printed out to use as score sheets so your judges aren’t stuck using their laptop to judge.

Mobile/Tablet/Laptop Access

However, if you want to still use the online forms at your in-person judging, we’ve got that covered too. OpenWater’s system automatically adjusts to the orientation and resolution of whatever electronic device your judges want to use. Judges can now score in the comfort of their home or on-the-go, it’s up to them.

Multiple Rounds

Our judging system can be tailored to fit your unique judging process — whether that’s single or multiple round or public vote, in-person or online. You can also go in and assign judges to entries in any way you want.