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20 CEOs Visit OpenWater

20 CEOs Visit OpenWater

After months of internal review the evaluation is in: OpenWater is growing at a rate of 3% a month! That translates into an approximate 35% annual growth rate. How OpenWater got here and where we go next is a big topic of conversation.

Part of that conversation took place last week. Tim hosted a day-long meeting with more than 20 CEOs from Vistage. These attendees represent some of the fastest growing companies in the DMV.

Among the highlights was a session by Mikki Williams on the power of story. Specially: how crucial storytelling is to business evaluation and growth. (We’re firm believers: check out our free resource, Strategic Storytelling: How to Use Data to Create a Successful Narrative.) Don’t let her 1990s era website fool you, she tells an amazing story.

The topic of storytelling was a nice coincidence….

AZBEE Awards

Meanwhile, Jordan was at the National Press Club. He attended the American Society of Business Publication Editor (ASBPE)’s annual conference and award presentation. OpenWater was a sponsor.

ASBPE’s annual awards, the “AZBEEs” recognize the highest quality reporting, editing and design in business-to-business, trade, association, and professional publications. The awards honor all types of publications including magazines, newspapers, newsletters, websites, and digital media.

ASBPE uses our flagship software, OpenWater Awards, to facilitate the national AZBEE awards. Congratulations to the 2018 winners!   

OpenWater Conference Planning

Annual awards and peer conferences dovetail nicely with another new initiative, the 2019 OpenWater Conference. (We may call it something else because “conference” sounds so dry.)

Details are being hashed out now; the general idea is to offer two client-only events leading up to the conference. Topics will range from platform-specific training to current industry trends, to forthcoming integrations and UI changes.

We are working with a skilled event planner to determine the size and scope. If you have suggestions on topics, please let us know.


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