3 Reasons to Attend Our 2022 User Conference

Join OpenWater, iMIS and TopClass September in D.C.

What: OpenWater’s 2022 in-person user conference with ASI. All of OpenWater’s sessions will happen on the same day, there will be 5 sessions total, and you can meet with our staff.

When: Tuesday September 13th

Where: Crystal Gateway Marriott in Crystal City – Arlington, VA.

Cost: $295 for the single day.

Registration: You’ll register through ASI here.

3 Reasons to Attend

1. OpenWater Expertise = Job Security.

As more of us face the realities of a recession, job security is top priority for everyone. OpenWater is answering the call by focusing on making sure you have the tools and training to become an invaluable person at your association.

Come learn the best practice from the 500+ associations that run their critical programs like awards, grants, scholarships, fellowships, certifications, or an annual call for papers through OpenWater.

2. Copy and Paste the Best Practices from the Leading Associations

We’ll debut our new Template Gallery and show you how to copy and paste an entire workflow from another association. Each session at the user conference will be packed with the latest examples of handy configurations that our superusers take advantage of everyday.

3. Meet with us 1 on 1.

This is your chance to meet with our staff 1 on 1 and ask us how we can help you succeed. Whether that’s convincing the board to make a change, improving membership engagement, or getting more off your plate, we’re here to listen and give you the know-how to make your life easier.

OpenWater Sessions and Speakers

Session: Digital Transformation Starts Small – Can one person make a difference?
Speaker: Kunal Johar CTO of OpenWater
Description: Kunal Johar CTO of OpenWater will discuss large scale digital transformation and how OpenWater can be used by one person to make a profound impact.

Session: What You Need to Know about OpenWater’s Application and Review Platform.
Speaker: Alexis Gabriela Rodriguez – Director of Customer Support
Description: Explore the tools that make OpenWater’s customers successful. We dive into the newest features that make managing awards, grants, abstracts, fellowships and scholarships even better.

Session: The 3 AMS Integrations that Association Staff Can’t Live Without
Speaker: Jackson Clarke – Integrations Department Manager
Description: Join Jackson Clarke, OpenWater’s integration specialist and learn the 3 Integrations that reduce headaches for admins, members, judges, volunteers, and executive directors.

Session: What I Don’t Know About OpenWater
Speaker: Emma Scott – Account Manager
Description: Did you get up and running and then stop exploring OpenWater? This session will submerge you in advanced capabilities used by our superusers.

Session: Copy and Paste Best Practices from Other Associations with OpenWater’s Template Gallery
Speaker: Leila Younes – Customer Support
Description: What if you could copy another association’s workflow for awards, grants etc.. and use that in OpenWater? You can now with our template gallery.

OpenWater's User Conference