5 Associations that Integrate OpenWater with their AMS

3 Integrations that reduce headaches for members, judges, volunteers, executive directors and... most of all administrative staff.

An AMS or CRM is the backbone of any successful association and impacts the experience for members, volunteers, and administrators.

Here are 5 examples of how associations are integrating OpenWater with their AMS using one of three integrations such as a push back, look up, or single sign-on.

Association: American Association for Anatomy
AMS: Fonteva
Integration Type: Push Back
Integration Summary: When a member wins an award this information is pushed back to the AMS. This way the AMS continues to be the source of truth.
Who Cares: This integration mostly impacts the executive level decision makers who need an understanding of the engagement level with awards.

Association: National Parent Teacher Association
AMS: Protech
Integration Summary: When members apply to an award or grant they can look up existing membership information and auto-fill that information into the application. This reduces the time it takes to fill out an application.
Integration Type: Look Up
Who Cares: This impacts the members as well as administrators. For members lowering application headache ultimately leads to better engagement. For administrators the integration reduces human error and elevates the integrity of the programs by eliminating the need to check applications for completeness.

Association: National Recreation and Park Association
Integration Summary: OpenWater pushes back a record of which applications were selected as winners, and which “company” it was tied to. By doing this, it eases the reporting burden on NRPA so they have the record of those winners in iMIS without needing to reference OpenWater.
Integration Type: Push Back
Who Cares: This impacts anyone within the association board or executive team that needs an accurate status report on how awards engagement are trending year to year.

Association: Biomedical Engineering Society
AMS: Novi
Integration Summary: BMES collects abstracts that are co-authored. When a member is submitting an abstract they can look up another member and add them as a co-author. The co-author’s membership information is then also imported into the application raising the completeness and accuracy of the information.
Integration Type: Look Up
Who Cares: This integration impacts members, non-members, session chairs, abstract reviewers, and mostly of all administrative staff from having to manually update submissions.

Association: The American Society for Concrete Contractors
AMS: Your Membership
Integration Summary: Members and judges are able to use the same username and passwords for the AMS and the awards application portal.
Integration Type: Single Sign-On
Who Cares: Members and judges using the OpenWater application portal don’t have to complete the tedious step of creating a new account to manage or apply to awards.

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