How ASAE Uses OpenWater

How the American Society of Association Executives uses OpenWater to manage their awards, fellowships and grants.

In 2016 ASAE began using OpenWater’s Application and Review platform for their Gold Circle Awards, Innovation Grants and Scholarly Research, along with its Diversity Executive Leadership Program.

What Has Been the Impact for ASAE?

  • Applications have increased as much as 80% per year since ASAE’s first year with OpenWater in 2016.
  • Over 500 members use OpenWater along with over 250 volunteers and judges.
  • ASAE migrated 4 programs to OpenWater in 2016, and now manages 10 programs.

The Problems ASAE Overcame with OpenWater

  • Configuring Complex Judging Rules
  • Reducing Tedious Administrative Workloads
  • Scaling Up Reporting, Tracking, and Emailing

How ASAE Configures Judging

By switching to OpenWater’s Application and Review Platform ASAE has been able to configure their program’s judging in order to efficiently allow judges to recuse themselves over a conflict of interest, manage multiple rounds of judging, and control a judges’ access to application information. The end result has been a judging process that has reduced staff time, and increased fairness in the application process.

How ASAE Saves Staff Time

When ASAE began using OpenWater they were keenly aware of the time spent completing menial tasks in order to administer their programs. Being a good steward of association resources is a primary function of the staff, and ASAE knew all that time took away from strategic growth initiatives. Since 2016 ASAE has used a combination of OpenWater’s white glove services, support and training to continuously cut down on tedious administrative work and as a result raise the prestige of their Awards programs.

How ASAE Pulls Reports, Tracks Goals, and Sends Email in OpenWater

Having reporting features that are customizable and easily understood by volunteers and association leadership alike is a feature in OpenWater that gave ASAE the tools they needed to communicate to their applicants, volunteers, and other stakeholders, whether that is through reminders or reporting. ASAE also uses customizable dashboards that help everyone inside ASAE keep tabs on progress during the annual cycle of their programs.

Watch the Full Interview with ASAE

Watch the full interview with ASAE at our 2021 OpenWater User Conference.

By using the OpenWater platform our staff at ASAE were able to positively affect member engagement through greater visibility and communication. The automation of emails and manual processes cut down on staff time significantly which allowed us to focus more on the member experience and less on the paperwork.

Myisha Headen

Manager of Research Operations