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Upcoming Webinar: The Gallery Module

Upcoming Webinar: The Gallery Module

Join us on June 29th at noon (eastern time)Register Now

This webinar is best suited to existing OpenWater customers.

Get a deep dive into The OpenWater Gallery and Public Vote Module. This presentation will walk through the innovative ways OpenWater customers have used the gallery feature to build:

  • Board Nominations
  • Buyers Guides
  • Speakers Listings
  • Social Voting with Viral Publicity

The presentation will then continue with a step by step view of the gallery configuration options so you too can push the limits of your program with OpenWater.

This is a free webinar, to register and get a reminder follow this link.

Also — let’s meet up at AwardsCon 2017, learn more.

Kunal Johar
Kunal Johar is the OpenWater platform evangelist. He currently manages our development teams and enjoys diving into the fray. Find him in our community chat room.

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