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Rocket Fuel for Association IT Departments

Conference abstracts, applications, grants, board nominations, and other common workflows done in hours instead of weeks. Integrate with your AMS / CRM and use custom code where you need to.

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Associations Love the Flexibility of OpenWater


How We Work with IT Departments

  • Developer Level Support

    You get to work directly with the engineers that build OpenWater. We are versed in .NET, Python, PHP and of course HTML / CSS / JS.

  • Workflows Galore, Handled.

    Awards, Abstracts, Applications, Grants, Speakers Database, Nominations, Voting, and your next edge case – all handled by one system.

  • Advice Included

    We are ready to listen to your latest workflow challenges and can provide a second pair of eyes on your work.

  • Incredibly Robust and Battle Tested Software

    SSL, Load Balancing, High Data Volume Handling are just a few of the things we have handled really well. You can focus on your business case and trust we’ll handle the rest.