A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Awards Program

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Awards Program

Spring is finally here which means it’s time for one of my favorite activities of the year: SPRING CLEANING.

There is nothing more satisfying than throwing out things you no longer need and coming home to a refreshingly clean and organized home.

The most wonderful part of spring cleaning is that it doesn’t have to be limited to your home. It can also be applied to your awards program. Between your awards seasons you should take the time to look through all your information and data and organize everything. This will help to ensure you have up-to-date information and the necessary documents ready to go when it’s time for your next awards cycle.

So here is a spring cleaning checklist to help revitalize your awards program for the upcoming seasons!

Your Awards’ Spring Cleaning Checklist

Contact Lists

  • Remove contacts with undeliverable mailing addresses.
  • Remove contacts with undeliverable email addresses.
  • Update mailing addresses for contacts with new mailing addresses.
  • Update email addresses for contacts with new email addresses.


  • Inventory the pages on your website regarding your awards program.
  • Delete/archive any pages that are no longer relevant.
  • Update the pages to reflect the information for the current/upcoming cycle of your awards program.


  • Shred the physical files you no longer need.
  • Delete/archive electronic files that you no longer need on a regular basis.

Social Media

  • Add your contacts in the social media platforms that you use.
  • Engage your followers by posting new and interesting information and updates about your awards.
  • Post new content relevant to the current/upcoming cycle of your program.

Program-Wide Assessment

  • Get feedback on your program from the different groups involved in the each stage of the awards process.

To get started on your program-wide assessment, see our guide: How to Evaluate if your Awards Program is a Success.