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White Glove Program Setup

In some circumstances, you may be under an extreme time crunch or you do not have the time outside of your already busy schedule to dedicate to going through and building out the forms, judging criteria, and standard training.

White Glove Program Setup means that we will construct your entire program for you. Your homework assignments are instead converted to a checklist of items you need to send to your awards consultant.

After you send over the items we require — such as your categories, submission forms, judging criteria, entry fees, and landing page copy — your awards consultant will build out the entire program for you.

While you aren’t building the program yourself, we do insist that all customers are properly trained on the software. If you request White Glove Program Setup, we provide a custom overview training video made specifically for your program. Following this custom training tutorial, you and your awards consultant will have a series of live Q & A phone calls to go over any questions you may have.

If this is something that you might want to consider, let us know! >>