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Direct Support to Judges

With our direct support to judges plan, you can leave the hassle of managing judge communication to us.

Proactive Approach
  1. We start by building an FAQ to understand the nuances and common pitfalls judges might make.
  2. We then make all the judging assignments right in the system to save you a step.
  3. We’ll coordinate with judges to make sure they have access and can complete their submissions.
  4. We’ll continue the follow up on judges that are dragging their feet.
  5. When judges have to recuse themselves or need to be re-assigned, we’ll work with you to make sure this all happens quickly and the right people are notified.
During Judging
  1. While judges complete their assignments, we’ll provide an in-app messenger.award software judges
  2. We’ll do our best to answer their question. They will receive our reply in-app, but also get an email copy in case they decided to step away.
  3. If we can’t answer their question, we’ll work with you behind the scenes while giving the judges one point of contact through the whole process.
If this is something that you might want to consider, let us know! >>