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Direct Support to Entrants

Entrants are surely the lifeblood of an awards program, but they are also the biggest source of high blood pressure for the administrators who support the program.

At OpenWater we are used to the cycle of an awards program. We know that entrants feel panicked and know the best thing we can do is give a calm, polite, accurate, and fast answer to help them along their submissions.

How it Works
  1. We work with you to build an FAQ to ensure that we are up to date on the nuances and special rules of your program that might confuse entrants
  2. As questions come in, we strive to answer them as best as we can. Typically we are able to answer 85% of questions without needing any clarification. Of course if something comes up we’ll work with you to get a final answer.
  3. Entrants can ask questions by clicking on an ? icon that appears throughout their submission process.openwater awards
  4. Clicking that icon gives them an in-app messenger.awards software demo
  5. Entrants will get a reply in-app, but if they step away, they will also get an email with the answer.demo awards software
  6. They can continue the conversation in-app or via email.software demo
If this is something that you might want to consider, let us know! >>