Self Service Help and User Community Available 24/7

Self Service Help and User Community Available 24/7

Today we are happy to announce our self service documentation and user community.  Due to overwhemling feedback from customers such as yourself, we have launched this blog to share feature updates and tricks of the trade as they are uncovered.

To participate in the community you can click on the Get Help button at the bottom left of the main menu

Knowledge Center Menu

The features we are introducing today will help understand your needs faster and also connect our administrators together.  We encourage you to participate in forums and to suggest features.

With the launch of the self-service portal we are also improving our ticket handling approach.  Now as you submit a ticket you can get immediate help from our knowledge center.  As we work on your requests you can get up to the minute statuses as well as a previous request  history.

Finally, we want to encourage you all to give us all your feedback good and bad.  The Community Chat feature will link you to a chat room that our developers and implementation specialists are monitoring.