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Scholarship management software scaled to any size

Manage applicants, reviewers, and multi-step scholarship review processes easily, in one place

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  • ASHA uses the OpenWater platform for awards programs, grant and scholarship applications, mentoring enrollment, course registration, volunteer applications and leadership programs. The flexibility of the OpenWater platform functionality is crucial to efficiently and successfully manage these various types of programs, each with unique requirements.

    Jill Straniero

    American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)

How does OpenWater Scholarship Software Help You?

Our all-in-one scholarship software manages the entire multi-step, multi-review process smoothly, moving applicants to scholarship recipients.

Straightforward Application

Encourage applicants to submit complete applications — and lessen review burden — by using one standardized platform. OpenWater ensures that every application is complete. Consistency makes the review process easier.

scholarship management platform
Use OpenWater to create a customizable scholarship application website. Retain the look-and-feel of your primary site. Answer frequently asked questions up front.

Hassle-Free Review

By necessity every scholarship application has multiple attachments. Untangle the mess of file formats and email chains. Everyone in the review process is immediately up-to-speed. Participation is faster and easier to manage.

scholarship management software
Does the thought of reviewing scholarship applications make you want to open a bottle of wine first? Skip the headache. Use OpenWater scholarship management services instead.

Reduce Administrative Load

Scholarship management eats administrative time. Simplify the workload with OpenWater’s scholarship management software. All parties, from applicants to reviewers, will benefit. Save time and money while increasing your program’s effectiveness.

scholarship management software
The OpenWater administrative panel provides scholarship program details. Simplify and speed up the process for everyone. Permissions ensure privacy.