[WEBINAR RECORDING] – Conference Technology Q&A with CTO Kunal Johar

Recorded July 28, 2021

Association members are craving to get back to in-person conferences and feel like they’re part of a community, at the same time associations don’t want to give up the accessibility of virtual events that are enriching the experience for so many members.

Q&A Segment with Kunal

  • How much are associations and societies spending on their virtual events?
  • What technology is available to continue with virtual at a reasonable cost?
  • What are some ways we can make virtual attendees not feel like a second class citizen?

OpenWater – Event Cloud Overview

  • Event Cloud for In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid
  • Event Cloud Mobile App
  • Collect Session/Abstract Materials
  • Schedule Sessions
  • Review Submissions
  • Hosting a Live Conference on Event Cloud
  • OpenWater Event Cloud Services and Support
  • OpenWater Conference Management and Communication